Obama and HCFANY Agree: The Time for Health Reform is NOW!

Posted February, 11 2009 by arianne

At a health care town hall meeting on February 10, 2009, President Obama gave his answer to the following questions: “In light of the fact that you have inherited an economic crisis, where does your priority lie with health care reform?” Read the full transcript of President Obama’s Town Hall meeting here.

Health Insurance Falls Short

Posted February, 9 2009 by arianne

A report released last Thursday by the American Cancer Society and the Kaiser Family Foundation depicts the plight of people with cancer and other serious illnesses even when they have private health insurance. The report highlights five key gaps in the health care system: High co payments and exhaustion of benefits as a result of annual […]

Two Small Steps Toward Health Care for All: Kids Coverage Improved!

Posted February, 6 2009 by arianne

On February 4, 2009, President Obama  re-authorized the State Child Health Insurance Program. This will provide key funding to states for the coverage of an estimated 10 million children. The bill includes two key victories: a requirement for “mental health parity”-equal coverage of mental and physical illness– and the elimination of a 5 year waiting […]

HCAN! Poll Shows Strong Support for a Public Plan

Posted February, 3 2009 by arianne

Health Care for American Now! (HCAN!) is a federal group focused on winning quality, affordable health care for all. In January 2009, HCAN! and Lake Research Partners conducted a nationwide poll of 800 voters which shows strong support for a public plan as part of national health reform.  The poll found, despite economic concerns, voters: […]