NY Insurance Premiums Rose Seven Times Faster Than Wages

Posted October, 27 2008 by arianne

A new FamiliesUSA report “Premiums versus Paychecks”  indicates good health care coverage is unaffordable to individuals and families. Health insurance premiums for families rose by 80.7%, while median wages rose by only 11% between 2000 and 2007.  For family coverage in NY, the average annual premium increased from $5,721 to $12,811 (employer and worker share combined).  […]

CSS Calls for Economic Crisis Health Coverage

Posted October, 17 2008 by arianne

In a letter to Gov. David Paterson, CSS’s President, David Jones, urged the State to respond to these economically difficult times by providing vital health coverage for New York’s displaced workers.  Arguing that the current economy is as harsh as what New York faced in 2001, Jones specifically asked the State to radically streamline the […]

Vote '08: The Rising Importance of Health Care

Posted October, 16 2008 by arianne

The latest Kaiser Family Foundation Tracking Poll: Election 08 shows that health care has increased in importance to independent voters. One in four registered, independent voters state that health care is an issue they would “most like to hear candidates talk about.”  In comparison, the importance of health care to Democratic voters has stayed about the same (25%) […]

Health Care Reform is Knocking at Your Door!

Posted October, 10 2008 by arianne

The Health Care For America Now (“HCAN!”)–a national reform effort with a strong grassroots base in New York–is organizing a door-to-door effort to inform voters where their federal representatives stand in the health reform debate. HCAN! wants to recruit volunteers to help with this effort. If you are in an area that needs volunteers please […]