What we don’t know IS hurting us.

Posted October, 12 2011 by arianne

Your insurance company wants more money from you. Why? Because it said so.  You wouldn’t understand anyways.  Just hand over your wallet and keep your mouth shut and nobody will get hurt. Except, people are getting hurt.  They’re being forced to choose between paying exorbitant increases to their health insurance premiums, or putting food on the table. And for what? So many […]

More folks fed up with health insurance rate abuses

Posted September, 2 2011 by arianne

A new ACA rule went into effect yesterday requiring insurance plans in all states to post explanations for rate hikes over 10% on their website and submit them to state and federal regulators. Here in New York, insurance companies are already required to do this.  Further, the NY State Department of Insurance can deny any proposed rate hikes that it feels […]

HCFANY Honors Troy Oechsner with Consumer Health Care Leadership Award

Posted December, 2 2010 by arianne

Neither snow, nor rain, nor hurricane-force winds, nor gloom of night stayed HCFANY members and fellow stakeholders from attending yesterday’s annual meeting in Albany.   The meeting kicked-off our annual legislative agenda by setting forth the priorities for the coming year, laying out the tasks at hand, and brainstorming strategies for achieving our goals. The highlight […]