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More sunshine breaks into the Dark Side

Posted October, 27 2011 by arianne

HCFANY has just received word that Aetna, EmblemHealth, HealthNow, Empire HealthChoice, and Excellus Health Plan have all agreed to release their rate increase support documentation public! This follows the recent decision by UnitedHealthcare – New York’s largest health insurer, agreement to disclose its own information earlier this week. Kudos to Ben Lawsky and the rest of the fine […]

Jump for joy!

UnitedHealthcare agrees to release its rate information

Posted October, 25 2011 by arianne

New York’s Department of Financial Services (DOFS) announced today that UnitedHealthgroup (also known as Oxford here in NY) has agreed to make all of its rate increase support documentation public. Last month, the DOFS decided that rate filing information should be made public to allow consumers and small businesses to understand why their insurer wants to raise rates and to make informed arguments […]

Medical trend and morbidity and risk? Oh my!

Posted October, 18 2011 by arianne

The buzz continues! There is a decision coming as early as next week from the Department of Financial Services (DOFS) on whether or not to publicly release insurance plan memos with info on why they think they need to raise people’s premiums again this year. The Daily News published a lead editorial on the matter yesterday, making the […]

Some secrets need to be told.

Posted October, 14 2011 by arianne

Advocacy groups around the state are taking initiative to show their support for the prior approval process and the public release of health insurer rate increase justification memos. HCFANY has been working to make this information available on the grounds that consumers have a right to know exactly why they’re being asked to pay so […]