Fell asleep early last night?

I’m sure all of you are busy celebrating your State of the Union bingo victories from last night, but anybody who missed last night’s address by President Obama can easily fill themselves in today.

You can watch a video of the entire address above, or read the full text by clicking here (via Bloomberg).

Noticeably absent from the president’s speech was any talk of health care or health reform.  Sure, Medicare and Medicaid both got a quick mention.  But health reform…not so much.  Here’s a transcript that Kaiser Health News put together on just the health care mentions.

That’s been the source of some speculation this morning.  So, just why didn’t President Obama mention the Affordable Care Act? Well, my guess is that he probably didn’t think it would do any good to bring up such a contentious issue at this point in the game.  Sarah Kliff, of the Washington Post, also offers her take in an article titled “O Health Care, Where Art Thou?”

Just a little bit of food for thought.