A deal has been struck

Posted June, 23 2011 by arianne

New York State leaders have concluded negotiations and settled on a bill to establish the New York Health Benefit Exchange.

The bill authorizes one statewide Exchange that would be governed by a board of directors, consisting of 9 state officers or employees, with appropriate powers to implement key components of the federal law in New York State.

Under this legislation the Exchange would commission a number of studies, which must be reported on by April 2012. Studies include selective contracting (a.k.a. active purchaser), standardization of benefits, market merger, and health disparities (“including but not limited to disparities on the basis of race or ethnicity”).

The bill offers many opportunities to develop an Exchange that will be in the best interest of consumers and small businesses. The Exchange bill is but a first step and consumer advocates will be actively engaged in the development of the Exchange over the coming year (and beyond!). It ain’t over yet, baby…

Click here to view the bill and click here to view the memo.

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