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Plans for larger health insurer to absorb CDPHP is part of national trend (7/5/2024, Times Union)

Op-Ed: Salute Those Who Advocated to End Medical Debt and Support Health Justice (6/7/2024, Norwood News)

Northwell to expand financial aid under agreement with attorney general (6/4/2024, Newsday)

More Northwell Health patients will get free care, financial aid (6/4/2024, Gothamist)

Saluting those who have advocated to end medical debt (5/29/2024, Riverdale Press [print version])

Clock ticking for bill to expand healthcare to NY’s undocumented immigrants (5/27/2024, Gothamist)

Why state-run hospitals like Roswell Park sue patients over medical debt so often (5/24/2024, Buffalo News)

Why one New York health system stopped suing its patients (5/14/2024, Marketplace Morning Report)

Where did all the medical appointments go? (5/9/2024, Newsday)

State budget adds medical debt protections (4/29/2024, The Capitol Pressroom)

NY puts patients first by thwarting medical debt (Guest Opinion by Elisabeth Ryden Benjamin) (4/22/2024, Syracuse Post-Standard)

New York Playbook PM: Hospital Bills (4/19/2024, POLITICO)

US could learn from NY’s facility fees disclosure law (4/10/2024, Public News Service)

Medical Debt Affects Much of America, but Colorado Immigrants Are Hit Especially Hard (4/3/2024, KFF Health News)

Governor Hochul Announces Federal Approval to Expand Access to High-Quality, Affordable Health Insurance (3/4/2024, Governor’s Pressroom)

New York’s Giant Medicaid Budget (2/24/2024, The Brian Lehrer Show)

City’s plan to wipe medical debts won’t clear H+H bills, FDNY ambulance dues (2/23/2024, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

New York state senator seeks ban on hospital lawsuits against patients (2/22/2024, Spectrum News)

Citizen Action of New York holds ‘End Medical Debt’ forum, explains ‘root’ of the problem (2/20/2024, The Daily Orange)

Advocates push to ban hospitals from suing patients for medical debt in New York (2/20/2024, CNY Central)

Advocacy groups, patients call for reforms to address medical debt (2/20/2024, WAER 88.3)

States tackle prior authorizations amid outcry (2/9/2024, Modern Healthcare)

St. Peter’s announces second forum, its first in-person, on Burdett Birth Center closure (2/9/2024, Albany Times Union)

LTE: Hochul’s plan to ban co-pays for insulin right move (2/5/2024, Albany Times Union)

Hospital Costs Feature in 2024 Policy Agendas (1/25/2024, Politico Pro – behind a paywall)

Experts applaud city’s $18M commitment to relieve medical debt but urge lawmakers to address root causes (1/23/2024, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

500,000 New Yorkers Could Have Medical Debt Erased Under New Program (1/22/2024, The New York Times – behind a paywall)

Comptroller projects $1.5B in unexpected Medicaid costs as enrollment remains high (1/8/2024, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Hochul proposes law to stop hospitals like Upstate from suing poor patients over unpaid bills (1/2/2024, Syracuse.com)

Hochul wants to ban insulin copays for some New Yorkers. Insurers are already pushing back. (1/3/2024, Gothamist)


Hochul spotlights access, protection and transparency in latest health care bills signed (12/21/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

New York state asks feds to expand Essential Plan coverage to DACA recipients (12/20/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

NY’s public hospitals should stop suing low-income patients over medical debts (Editorial Board Opinion) (12/17/2023, Syracuse.com – behind a paywall)

How NY state, Upstate Medical haul thousands of sick and poor into court for little gain (12/14/2023, Syracuse.com)

Hochul signs bills to protect New Yorkers from the consequences of medical debt and expensive medications (12/14/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

When Hospitals Sue Patients (Part 1) (12/14/2023, KFF Health News – An Arm and a Leg)

New York removes medical debt from credit reports (12/13/2023, AP News)

Governor Hochul Signs Four New Laws to Protect Consumers from Price Gouging, Medical Debt and Unfair Business Practices (12/13/2023, Governor’s Pressroom)

New York joins Colorado in banning medical debt from consumer credit scores (12/13/2023, CBS News)

New York removes medical debt from credit reports (12/13/2023, ABC News)

Hochul signs bills into law on medicine price gouging, medical debt (12/13/2023, NY State of Politics)

Hochul Signs Bill Banning Medical Debt From NY Credit Reports (12/13/2023, Bloomberg Law News)

New NY law prohibits reporting medical debt to credit agencies (12/13/2023, Democrat and Chronicle)

Gov. Hochul signs bills relieving New Yorkers from medical debt woes (12/13/2023, Bronx News)

Medical debt can no longer hurt your credit score in New York (12/13/2023, Syracuse.com)

Hochul signs bills addressing medical debt, subscription services (12/13/2023, The Daily Gazette)

New Yorkers’ Credit Reports Will No Longer Reflect Medical Debt (12/13/2023, KFF Health News)

2023 Power Players in Health Care (11/29/2023, POLITICSNY)

Medical debt: New federal rules could provide credit relief for millions of Americans (11/18/2023, Yahoo Finance)

Your Open Enrollment Questions (11/16/2023, The Brian Lehrer Show – WNYC)

Getting an Itemized Hospital Bill Is Basically Impossible (11/10/2023, The Daily Beast)

Despite State Measures, New Yorkers Fear Health Care Over Medical Debt Lawsuits (10/27/2023, New York Focus)

Medical debt plagues 1 in 3 adults in this upstate city. How big of a problem is it in NY? (10/24/2023, LoHud)

Lawmaker introduces bill to stop state-run hospitals from suing patients for medical debt (10/24/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse)

1 in 4 Syracuse adults struggle with medical debt, the most among NY’s big cities, study says (10/17/2023, Syracuse.com)

Medical debt impacts at least 740,000 New Yorkers (10/12/2023, Spectrum News)

Mount Sinai Beth Israel announces its closure after serving community for more than a century (9/20/2024, News12 The Bronx)

Elected officials, neighbors push back on Beth Israel closure plan (9/14/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Got Medicaid? Renew Your Coverage to Keep It That Way (8/11/2023, The City)

STUDY: Upstate Rural New Yorkers of Color Face the Most Medical Debt (7/31/2023, Spectrum Local News)

NYC launches program to wipe out millions of dollars in patients’ medical debt (7/30/2023, New York Post)

Q&A: Nonprofit leader on the ‘Herculean’ effort to maintain Medicaid coverage for New Yorkers (7/26/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Some NY hospitals nixed medical debt lawsuits. Others sued 1,600 patients for $9M (7/13/2023, lohud – behind a paywall)

Hot job with no healthcare: what should you do? (7/12/2023, Welcome to the Jungle)

Evaluating New York’s new health equity assessment law (7/5/2023, Politico)

Medical debt reporting would be kept off credit report with NY bill (6/22/2023, Democrat and Chronicle – behind a paywall)

Hunter College Names Tisch Community Health Prize Winners (6/22/2023, UES NY Patch)

New York lawmakers OK bill removing medical debt from credit reports (6/21/2023, ABC News)

NY Dems Pass Medical Debt Relief as Progressives Push to Expand Healthcare to Undocumented Residents (6/21/2023)

Cost disagreements leave fate of ‘Coverage for All’ bill uncertain (6/19/2023, Politico)

How to Fight Back When Your Health Insurance Won’t Cover Treatment (6/15/2023, The Wall Street Journal)

Medicaid’s Great Unwinding Will Leave Up to 200,000 New Yorkers Fully Uninsured (6/15/2023, The Indypendent)

As Senate Approves ‘Coverage for All,’ Focus Shifts to Assembly on Health Coverage for Undocumented New Yorkers (6/13/2023, Gotham Gazette)

New York labor, business and health care groups urge health coverage for residents without legal status (6/12/2023, NY State of Politics)

Feds Would Likely Foot The Bill For Undocumented Health Coverage. Albany Has Days to Act. (6/7/2023, New York Focus)

Hospitals’ Bid for Quick Cash Leaves Patients Worse Off (5/26/2023, The American Prospect)

Four million residents of the Big Apple could face problems recertifying their healthcare coverage (Cuatro millones de residentes de la Gran Manzana podrían tener trabas para recertificar sus seguros médicos) (5/25/2023, El Diario)

Hochul Inches Toward Health Insurance for Undocumented Immigrants (5/19/2023, New York Focus)

SUNY Chancellor weighs in on Upstate, other NY hospitals’ high rate of suing over unpaid bills (5/18/2023, Syracuse.com)

Medical debt persists for thousands of New Yorkers (5/16/2023, Capitol Pressroom)

Expanded Financial Assistance Now Available to Medicare Beneficiaries in New York State (5/9/2023, NYS Office for the Aging)

Group focuses on educating people about mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month (5/2/2023, FingerLakes1)

Report: GOP debt ceiling bill could imperil Medicaid coverage for 2 million New Yorkers (5/1/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Medical debt reform requires changes to New York hospital financial aid policies, report says (4/18/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

New Yorkers Deserve Health Equity. Fully Funding Safety Net Hospitals And Expanding Health Insurance to All Immigrants Is The Way To Do It. (4/6/2023, Gotham Gazette)

Health care trends bleak under insurance system (4/6/2023, The Riverdale Press)

AOC, Nadler and other NY pols call on Hochul to extend health coverage to undocumented migrants (4/5/2023, Gothamist)

FDNY proposes largest price hike for city ambulance services in two decades (3/27/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Weekly New York Health Care (3/27/2023, Politico)

FDNY holds public hearing on proposed ambulance rate hike (3/24/2023, News12)

Ambulance rides are a major cause of medical debt. FDNY still wants to raise the cost. (3/23/2023, Gothamist)

Advocates Urge Age Cap Removal on NY Medicaid Buy-In Program (3/21/2023, Public News Service)

Former state health chief pushes insurance expansion for undocumented immigrants (3/15/2023, POLITICO Pro)

State’s hands tied in using $10B Essential Plan surplus to cover more New Yorkers (3/9/2023, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Governor Hochul: Expand Health Coverage to NY’s Immigrant Community (3/6/2023, El Diario)

Advocates call for health care coverage expansion to undocumented New Yorkers (3/4/2023, Pix11)

Calls for healthcare coverage for everyone regardless of immigration status (3/1/2023, CBS6 Albany)

FDNY proposal looks to increase cost of ambulance rides to over $1,300 (2/23/2023, News12)

URBAN AGENDA: Fiscal Prudence – Not Reactive Politics – Should Dictate New York Health Policy (2/16/2023, New York Amsterdam News)

Lawmakers continue fight to extend health insurance to undocumented New Yorkers (2/13/2023, POLITICO Pro)

Hochul Ditched Promise of Health Insurance for Undocumented People. She Could Cost New York $500 Million. (2/9/2023, New York Focus)

Advocates push for greater unemployment benefits, housing options and more for immigrants in state budget (2/7/2023, Spectrum)

End Medical Debt: Fight Grows to Stop Hospitals from Suing Patients, Garnishing Wages, Ruining Credit (1/18/2023, Democracy Now!)

The 2023 Health Care Power 100 (1/17/2023, City & State New York)

NYC Nurses’ Deal Is Just a Start — Health Care Advocates Demand Major Reforms (1/14/2023, Truthout)


Medical Debt Is Being Erased in Ohio and Illinois. Is Your Town Next? (12/29/2022, The New York Times)

New rule provides more protection from surprise medical bills (12/28/2022, Newsday)

Report: NY’s Doing Well at Keeping Kids Insured (12/14/2022, Public News Service)

Advocates Fear The Impact Of NYC’s Involuntary Hospitalization Plan (12/13/2022, HuffPost)

Capital Region advocates call for end to medical debt (12/8/2022, WAMC Northeast Public Radio)

Upstate University Hospital blasted for suing more than 1,500 patients over unpaid bills (12/8/2022, Syracuse.com)

New York’s people of color deserve more in 2023 (12/3/2022, Times Union)

Patients with medical debt will no longer have wages garnished, liens placed on homes (12/3/2022, Newsday)

NY ends home liens, wage garnishments in medical-debt collection. What you should know. (11/28/2022, lohud)

New York hospitals can no longer place liens, garnish wages due to medical debt (11/28/2022, WSKG)

Hochul approves measure to prevent medical debt garnishment (11/28/2022, Spectrum News)

Hochul signs bill that bans wage garnishment in medical debt lawsuits (11/28/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Governor Hochul Signs Legislation to Protect Patients with Medical Debt (11/28/2022, Press Release – Governor’s Press Office)

People across Tri-State getting CityMD bills for COVID tests 2 years later (10/26/2022, abc7NY [7 On Your Side Investigates])

Consumer protections eyed for health care system (10/14/2022, Capitol Pressroom)

Protect working class N.Y. from medical debt (10/14/2022, Daily News)

It’s time to end medical debt in Syracuse (Guest Opinion by Ursula Rozum) (10/12/2022, Syracuse.com)

Lower premiums, larger savings program could make Medicare more affordable for New Yorkers next year (10/3/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse)

New York Health Department’s concern for polio grows deeper (9/29/2022, WENY News)

State legislature bans some medical debt collection: New rules sought to declare wages and homes off-limits in future (9/6/2022, FingerLakes1)

The Editorial Board: Hospitals should help low-income patients, not sue them (8/23/2022, The Buffalo News)

‘Almost useless’: Patients, advocates critical of federal pace to unlock hospital prices (8/9/2022, USA Today)

How Much Does Your M.R.I. Cost? Buy It First to Find Out (Opinion) (8/2/2022, The New York Times)

Report: Some aggressive hospitals in New York are garnishing wages of poor patients (7/29/2022, Capital Tonight)

When care costs dearly: New York nonprofit hospitals garnish patient wages to right medical debts, report finds (9/8/2022, Fierce Healthcare)

Hospitals’ wage garnishment disproportionately hits lower-income patients, report finds (7/21/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Nonprofit New York hospitals keep suing patients for their wages. Gov. Kathy Hochul has a chance to end it (7/20/2022, Gothamist)

Some medical debt is being removed from US credit reports (6/30/2022, AP News)

A look at major health care bills that passed the state Legislature this session (6/7/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Upstate-Crouse merger is good for the hospitals. But what about Syracuse’s patients? (6/3/2022, Syracuse.com)

Legal ruling equips New Yorkers with new tool to fight medical debt (6/3/2022, Crain’s New York Business – behind a paywall)

URBAN AGENDA: Protecting New Yorkers from Medical Debt (5/26/2022, Amsterdam News)

Legislature OKs ban on liens, wage garnishment by NY hospitals (5/12/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Advocates: Bar hospitals from filing home liens, garnishing wages over medical debt (5/9/2022, Albany Times Union)

How New York is considering ways of easing medical debt (5/9/2022, State of Politics – Spectrum News)

Advocates: ‘Coverage for All’ remains wedge issue in Albany budget talks (4/07/2022, PoliticoPro – behind a paywall)

As Albany Debates Health Coverage for Undocumented New Yorkers, Lawmakers Say Hochul is Inflating Costs (3/29/2022, New York Focus)

NY bill seeks to expand health insurance to currently ineligible immigrants. What to know (3/28/2022, lohud)

How much would it cost for New York to insure low-income undocumented people? Depends who you ask. (3/28/2022, City & State New York)

Broad coalition calls for insurance expansion to cover undocumented New Yorkers (3/28/2022, State of Politics)

Survey: Half of New Yorkers aren’t confident they can afford usual health services (3/14/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Legislature Likely to Propose Health Coverage But Not Cash Relief for Undocumented New Yorkers, Sources Say (3/11/2022, New York Focus)

New poll highlights New Yorkers’ concerns about health care affordability and access. Here’s what it found. (3/10/2022, Politico Pro- behind a paywall)

Will this be the year New York extends public insurance to undocumented people? (3/3/2022, City & State New York)

Editorial: Investment in medical services key to keeping outer-borough residents healthy (3/1/2022, Crain’s New York Business – behind a paywall)

City’s Covid response helped shrink health equity divide, but more remains to be done (3/1/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Advocates push for expansion of health care coverage regardless of immigration status (2/28/2022, Albany Times Union)

Hundreds Of Immigrant Advocates Rallied Across New York State For Passage Of Coverage For All Bill (2/22/2022, Harlem World Magazine)

NYC Care Reaches Milestone Of 100,000 Members Enrolled In Health Care Access Program (2/17/2022, Harlem World Magazine)

California’s Moving to Expand Health Coverage to Immigrants; What About New York? (2/10/2022, Gotham Gazette)

NY officials, advocates argue over wage increase to avert home care worker crisis (2/9/2022, Gothamist)

State bill could expand health coverage to 154,000 low-income immigrants (2/8/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

NY Senate Health Committee Passes Coverage For All Bill Following Recent Assembly Committee Vote (2/1/2022, Harlem World Magazine)

Hospitals’ price transparency lists are ‘lipstick on a pig,’ don’t entirely lay out costs to consumers (1/27/2022, Albany Times Union)

Advocates Applaud Passage Of Coverage4All Out Of Assembly Health Committee, Call On Senate To Follow (1/25/2022, Harlem World Magazine)

Adams administration to advocate for higher reimbursement rate for public health funding (1/24/2022, Politico Pro – behind a paywall)

The 2022 Health Care Power 100 (1/24/2022, City & State New York)

Food insecurity linked to poor mental health; experts say employers should care (1/24/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

State can close the ‘last mile’ uninsured gap with minimal spend, report says (1/19/2022, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

How New York could cover its 1 million uninsured residents (1/12/2022, City & State New York)

Hochul’s ‘health equity’ proposals draw scrutiny. What advocates said was missing (1/10/2022, Politico Pro)


Full Episode: Revisiting the New York Health Act, Good Cause Eviction (12/23/2021, New York Now – WMHT)

Report: Southern Tier hospitals placed hundreds of liens on patients’ homes (12/7/2021, WSKG-NPR)

Medical Debt Is Crushing Black Americans, and Hospitals Aren’t Helping (11/22/2021, Bloomberg)

NY Hospitals Place Liens Against Patient Homes Over Medical Debt (11/18/2021, RevCycleIntelligence)

As Medicare faces largest premium increase ever, some express concerns about affordability (11/16/2021, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

NY should ban liens on patients’ homes over medical debts (Editorial Board Opinion) (11/15/2021, Advance Media NY Editorial Board)

Hospitals must stop placing liens on medical debtors’ homes (11/14/2021, Daily News)

NY hospitals have placed thousands of liens on patients’ homes over bills, report finds (11/11/2021, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Lawmakers target hospital debt collection practices in wake of CSSNY report (11/10/2021, Politico Pro – behind a paywall)

Report: Local hospitals filed hundreds of liens on patient homes over medical debt (11/10/2021, Albany Times Union)

NY hospitals filed 4,880 liens against homes of patients for unpaid medical bills: report (11/10/2021, Lohud News – behind a paywall)

3 CNY hospitals played hardball with patients who owe money by slapping liens on their homes (11/10/2021, Syracuse Post-Standard)

New report shows thousands of New Yorkers at risk of housing insecurity due to medical debt (11/10/2021, New York Nonprofit Media)

How to Negotiate Your Medical Bills and Debt With Your Hospital (11/9/2021, The Wall Street Journal)

Weighing Medicaid’s future, stakeholders revive fight to repeal global cap (11/2/2021, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Labor Unions Band Together To Tackle NY’s High Hospital Prices (10/19/2021, Gothamist)

Advocates, lawmakers push hospitals to help more with bills (10/12/2021, ABC News)

Report: Insurers, providers lack of trust – with patients caught in middle (10/5/2021, Albany Times Union)

Stakeholders eye preauthorization, credentialing processes in suggestions for cutting administrative costs (10/5/2021, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

At urgent care, he got 5 stitches and a big surprise: A plastic surgeon’s bill for $1,040 (7/29/2021, NBC News)

Protest Over Proposed Ellis Hospital-St. Peter’s Merger (7/27/2021, WAMC Northeast Public Radio)

New federal rule could protect 5 million New Yorkers from surprise billing (7/6/2021, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

A Closer Look at the New York Health Act (6/25/21, New York Now – PBS)

Medical-Debt Charity to Buy, Wipe Out $278 Million of Patients’ Hospital Bills (6/15/2021, The Wall Street Journal)

Concerns Mount Over Looming Surge in Bankruptcy as COVID Medical Debt Soars (6/14/2021, Newsweek)

Letter: State Legislature needs to address hospital lawsuits against patients (6/9/2021, Albany Times Union)

The Case for Health Care Education and Consumer Assistance (6/1/2021, Brooklyn Paper)

Number of patients sued by Capital Region hospitals over unpaid bills among highest in NY (5/21/2021, WRGB Albany)

Laws to Curb Surprise Medical Bills Might Be Inflating Health Care Costs (5/20/2021, The Pew Charitable Trusts)

Pandemic Profiteers: Hospitals Sued Patients over Medical Debt While Getting Billions in Relief Aid (4/6/2021, Democracy Now!)

Mount Sinai on Beth Israel: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead (4/3/2021, WestView News)

More regulation of urgent care industry needed, Community Catalyst report argues (3/31/2021, Modern Healthcare)

Protections from growing medical debt missing from budget priorities (3/19/2021, WCNY)

Pandemic hasn’t stopped area’s hospitals from suing patients over unpaid bills (3/19/2021, Albany Times Union)

The pandemic revealed the pros and cons of New York’s health care system (3/3/2021, City & State New York)

With More Than 1 Million Uninsured, New York Needs Immediate Comprehensive Health-Care for All (3/3/2021, Gotham Gazette)

Immigrant New Yorkers deserve an equal chance at economic recovery (Commentary) (3/2/2021, Syracuse Post-Standard)

$1B project to rebuild Lenox Hill Hospital on Upper East Side would ruin ‘character of the community,’ opponents say (1/25/2021, Daily News)

How will undocumented immigrants get the COVID-19 vaccine? (1/22/2021, Fast Company)

Eligibility, access and immigration – Elegibilidad, acceso e inmigración (1/20/2021, Manhattan Times)

‘Just because we’re undocumented does not mean we’re worth less than other people’: Will undocumented immigrants get COVID-19 vaccines under Biden? (1/19/2021, MarketWatch)

NY Hospitals Slow To Comply With New Price Transparency Rule That Took Effect This Month (1/18/2021, Gothamist)

For true herd immunity, we must vaccinate immigrants as a priority (1/14/2021, The Guardian)

Breaking down Cuomo’s State of the State health care proposals (1/12/2021, The Capitol Pressroom – WCNY)

Medical Debt and the Pandemic (1/11/2021, The Brian Lehrer Show – WNYC)

CSSNY’s Benjamin on Charitable Hospitals Suing Patients During COVID-19 (1/7/2021, Spectrum News)

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers (1/7/2021, City & State New York)

Northwell Health says it will stop suing patients during pandemic (1/6/2021, Modern Healthcare)

Because of surge in COVID-19 cases, Northwell hits pause on bill collections (1/5/2021, Newsday)

One Hospital System Sued 2,500 Patients After Pandemic Hit (1/5/2021, The New York Times)


State racial disparities study nears completion (12/28/20, Politico Pro – behind a paywall)

Reaching Undocumented Immigrants a Concern Amid Pandemic (12/18/20, Spectrum News)

Persecuted and marginalized: Black LGBTQ immigrants face unique challenges (12/9/2020, ABA Journal)

COVID In NYC: Many Residents Have Yet To Show Confidence In Vaccine Process (12/9/2020, CBS New York)

Financial downturn exacerbates medical debt burden (11/13/2020, WCNY)

Citing Lessons Learned, City Officials Outline Preparations, Cautious Optimism for Handling Potential Second Covid Wave (11/11/2020, Gotham Gazette)

Many workers who lost their jobs due to COVID need help finding health coverage (11/10/2020, Fortune)

How the Supreme Court’s case on the ACA could hurt New York (11/9/2020, City & State)

New York to convene health care simplification workgroup to reduce healthcare costs (10/28/2020, ABC50 Now)

Low-income New Yorkers seeking preventive care less than the wealthy, survey finds (10/28/2020, Crain’s New York Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Is Racism a Public Health Crisis? (10/16/2020, wshu Public Radio)

Lenox Hill Hospital expansion faces opposition due to health care inequalities (10/15/2020, Crain’s New York Business – behind a paywall)

Twenty-seven NY groups request Supreme Court Nomination delayed until after 2021 presidential inauguration (10/13/2020, ABC50)

Patients getting slammed by surprise costs related to COVID-19 (10/12/2020, CBS News)

COVID-19 coverage safety net has plenty of holes in US (10/11/2020, ABC News)

Pandemic drives New York’s Medicaid enrollment up (9/3/2020, City & State)

Years of hospital closures make New York City vulnerable to another COVID-19 wave, some say (8/19/2020, Becker’s Hospital Review)

“Beds Not Bodybags”: Activists Warn Hospital Closures Make NYC Vulnerable To Another COVID Wave (8/16/2020, Gothamist)

New Yorkers’ Premiums Will Tick Up In 2021, But Barely, After State Steps In (8/15/2020, Gothamist)

Shuttered Hospitals in Queens Limited Access to Health Care Amid Pandemic (8/6/2020, NY1)

Dental patients must be protected from COVID surcharges, regulators say (8/6/2020, Newsday)

Supportive housing groups say state cuts will lead to homelessness, higher costs (7/14/2020, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Why insurers are seeking rate increases for 2021 (6/15/2020, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

NYC Health Clinics Brace for a Flood of New and Old Patients (6/10/2020, The City)

Why George Floyd’s death, COVID-19 inequality sparked protests: ‘We’re witnessing history’ (6/5/2020, Ithaca Journal)

New public charge regulations, continued ICE activity incite fear among immigrant groups seeking healthcare (5/22/2020, Columbia Spectator)

These NY health systems received the most Covid-19 federal hot spot funding (5/19/2020, Crain’s New York Business – behind a paywall)

20 Years of Decisions to Close Hospitals Have ‘Come Home to Roost’ (5/12/2020, Commercial Observer)

Social Security and Medicare funds at risk even before coronavirus pandemic (4/22/2020, KTVU)

Dozens of NY’s hospitals closed. Then COVID-19 hit. Now marginalized patients are dying. Here’s why (4/10/2020, Ithaca Journal)

Cuomo Won’t Back Down On Medicaid Cuts—Even If It Means Spurning Billions In Coronavirus Aid (3/31/2020, Gothamist)

A Genetic Test For A Microscopic Problem Came With A Jumbo Price Tag (3/31/2020, UPR)

Hospitals’ downsizing plans draw criticism as outbreak grows (3/20/2020, Crain’s New York Business)

9 States Reopen ACA Insurance Enrollment To Broaden Health Coverage (3/20/2020, wjct)

Public Charge Adds to Coronavirus Confusion Among Undocumented Immigrants (3/16/2020, Documented)

NY Hospitals Filed 31,000 Lawsuits Against Patients Over Four Years, New Report Shows (3/13/2020, Gothamist)

Major Hospitals Have Filed Thousands Of Lawsuits Against Patients (3/12/2020, Crain’s New York Business)

Trump’s immigration policies may put people at risk of coronavirus – experts (3/8/2020, The Guardian)

Mount Sinai’s Plan Comes Up for State Review (2/2/2020, WestView News)

City’s own health care system expands to Brooklyn and Staten Island (1/30/2020, amNY)

Bloomberg on health care: Translating his mayoral record to the national stage (1/23/2020, Politifact)

Patient Who Questioned ”Blank Check” Financial Liability Form Turned Away Right Before Medical Procedure (1/15/2020, Gothamist)

Beware: Some Medicare Advantage Plans Have Plenty Of Disadvantages (1/14/2020, Health Living)


New York State Lawmakers Weigh Single-Payer Health Bill (5/28/2019, The Wall Street Journal)

At packed hearing, NY lawmakers weigh single-payer health care (5/28/2019, Albany Times-Union)

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Coalition moves to expand Obamacare to undocumented immigrants (2/22/2016, Crain’s New York Business)

Advocates Push NY State for Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants (2/10/2016, Public News Service)

N.Y., Minn. Opt for Low-Cost Plans to Help Some Residents Afford Coverage (2/2/2016, Kaiser Health News)

New report offers options for insuring undocumented immigrants (1/29/2016, POLITICO New York)

Latinos son los neoyorquinos con menos acceso a seguro médico (1/29/2016, El Diario)


Number of uninsured New Yorkers is higher in Sunnyside, Woodside, report says (11/10/2015, AM New York)

It’s Year Three For Obamacare (11/5/2015, The Brian Lehrer Show)

Report demands increase diversity in specialized high schools (11/5/2015, NY Amsterdam News)

In New De Blasio Heath Care Plan, Limited Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants (11/3/2015, Gotham Gazette)

In Year 3, many hit with Obamacare sticker shock (11/1/2015, CBS News)

State offers new plan for third year of Obamacare, seek takers (10/30/2015, POLITICO New York)

A More Affordable Health Plan for Working Families (10/29/2015, PNS)

ACA Sparks Big Reduction in Uninsured Children in New York State (10/29/2015, PNS)

Undocumented Uninsured (10/13/2015, BRIC TV)

NY: anuncian nuevo plan de salud (10/9/2015, Telemundo)

Mayor de Blasio Announces Plan to Improve Immigrant Access to Health Care Services (10/8/2015, City of New York)

Mayor’s Initiative Could Boost Immigrant Health-Care Access (10/1/2015, Wall Street Journal)

Presentan plan de salud para indocumentados en Nueva York (10/1/2015, El Diario)

New year means new slogan for state’s insurance exchange (9/28/2015, POLITICO)

Census: Nearly 15 percent of Americans living in poverty (9/22/2015, isurfpaducah)

Census Numbers Show a Drop in Uninsured New Yorkers (7/17/2015, WXXI News)

Fewer Rochesterians uninsured (9/17/2015, Democrat & Chronicle)

State Medicaid care initiative failing to launch (8/27/2015, POLITICO Pro)

POLITICO New York Health Care: Mapping Obamacare enrollment by insurer; Montefiore ACO performs well (8/26/2015, POLITICO New York Health Care)

With big rate hikes coming, reviews vary state by state (8/21/2015, POLITICO)

Map of Obamacare enrollment by county (8/17/2015, POLITICO)

1.1 million New Yorkers added to roll for Medicaid (7/19/2015, Times Union)

States make laws to protect patients from hidden medical bills (7/15/2015, KPCC)

N.Y. Law Offers Model For Helping Consumers Avoid Surprise Out-Of-Network Charges (7/14/2015, Kaiser Health News)

Consumers advocates blast proposed premium hikes (7/10/2015, Crain’s Health Pulse)

What Will Happen to Obamacare? (6/24/2015, WNYC – The Brian Lehrer Show)

Health Clinic Refuses To Give Undocumented Immigrant A Kidney Transplant From Her Husband (6/18/2015, Think Progress)

Undocumented immigrant denied kidney transplant (6/16/2015, News 12)

Decision Means Mobility for Thousands of New Yorkers (5/29/2015, PNS)

Law Protects Consumers From Surprise Medical Bills (5/2015, New York Able)

The Tangle of Coordinated Health Care (4/13/2015, New York Times)

New Law Protects New Yorkers from Big Surprise Medical Bills (4/3/2015, PNS)

Cuomo administration announces law protecting New York consumers from surprise, out-of-network medical bills goes into effect today (3/31/2015, DFS Press Release)

New York State law protecting consumers from “surprise” medical expenses goes into effect (3/31/2015, Saratogian)

Slow start for ambitious state Medicaid initiative (3/5/2015, Capital New York)

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Final Days for New Yorkers to Get 2015 Affordable Health Coverage (2/9/2015, PNS)

LGBT Enrollment Week (1/14/2015, Crain’s Health Pulse)

LGBT Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Week in NYC (1/13/2015, Go Magazine)

LGBT Leaders and Electeds Make Final Push for Healthcare Enrollment (1/12/2015, Edge Media Network)


Medicaid incluirá servicios para transgéneros de NY (12/17/2014, El Diario)

Senate GOP: Immigration order will cost NY (12/4/2014, Press Connects)

Insurers prepare for Obamacare, round two (12/2/2014, Crain’s New York Business)

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Obamacare Enrollment Is Focus Of Armonk Talk (11/28/2014, Armonk Daily Voice)

Health-care maze remains for undocumented immigrants (11/25/2014, CNBC)

Obama’s immigration overhaul could cost state millions in health care (11/22/2014, New York Daily News)

Immigration order could have big impact on N.Y. Medicaid (11/20/2014, Capital New York)

Advocates seek immigrant enrollment in health plans (11/18/2014, Newsday)

Insuring NY’s Last Million (11/17/2014, WNYC)

Test Your Metal: Selecting health care coverage in New York’s insurance exchange (11/17/2014, New York Daily News)

Freelancers Union pairs with Empire Blue Cross to offer health insurance plans (11/17/2014, New York Daily News)

Obamacare open enrollment period: What you need to know (11/17/2014, New York Daily News)

Hospital-Bill Sucker Punch (11/15/2014, Bottom Line Publications)

Urgen a inmigrantes hispanos a inscribirse en Obamacare (11/13/2014, Noticia)

A New Yorker’s Guide to Enrolling in Obamacare for 2015 (11/12/2014, New York Magazine)

Entienda la Reforma de Salud y cómo beneficia a inmigrantes (11/11/2014, Queens Latino)

Arranca Nuevo period de inscripcion para Obamacare (11/5/2014, El Diario)

Pushing Obamacare (10/23/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

What’s next for Obamacare in New York (9/29/2014, Capital New York)

Rise Of Catholic Insurance Plans Raises Questions About Contraceptive Coverage (9/17/2014, Kaiser Health News)

Report: Fidelis Care doesn’t allow Planned Parenthood as provider (9/17/2014, Capital Pro)

State cuts 2015 ‘Obamacare’ rate hikes by more than 50 percent (9/4/2014, Syracuse)

New York State Gives Health Insurers Average Rate Rise of 5.7% (9/4/2014, New York Times)

Health insurers look for big rate increases in 2015 from state regulators (7/3/2014, NY Daily News)

Obamacare Insurer Eyeing Big Price Hike In 2015 (7/3/2014, Gothamist)

New script for health care: Choices expanding beyond hospitals (6/29/2014, Utica OD)

Exchange Outreach (6/27/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

New York Insurance Rate Review Process More Transparent Than Other States (6/18/2014, WXXI News)

Rangel Answers Healthcare Questions In Twitter Townhall (4/28/2014, Insurance News Net)

New York’s Patient Protections May Be National Model (4/15/2014, Governing)

In New York, Hard Choices on Health Exchange Spell Success (4/13/2014, New York Times)

Budget Trifecta (4/9/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Surprise Medical Bills Lead to Protection Laws: Health (4/4/2014, Bloomberg Businessweek)

NYS of Relief (4/2/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

New York Curbs Medical Bills Containing Surprises (3/30/2014, New York Times)

Out-of-Network Lobbying (3/25/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Cuomo administration pushes for out-of-network billing protection (3/25/2014, Legislative Gazette)

Preventing surprise medical bills (3/24/2014, Times Union)

Lawsky: ‘Very active’ talks to end surprise medical bills (3/24/2014, Capital Pro)

Lobbying the Senate on ACA (3/21/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

2015 Enrollment Extended (3/6/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Non-network option may return in 2015 (3/5/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Health care push at Capitol (3/4/2014, Times Union)

Community Corner: Bob Cohen, Citizen Action Of New York And Public Policy And Education Fund (3/1/2014, WAMC)

Plans to Expand Insurance Coverage (2/20/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Capital Health Care: LICH supporters split; state denies Visiting Nurse Services (2/19/2014, Capital New York)

Who will help the newly insured? (2/18/2014, POLITICO)

Cuomo’s budget plan adds ‘basic health option’ (1/30/2014, Capital New York)

New York may add health insurance option for people too poor to afford Obamacare (1/29/2014, Syracuse)

Juggling act, state budget style (1/26/2014, Times Union)

Capital Health Care: ‘Two midnight’ to court; MetroPlus doing well (1/24/2014, Capital Pro)

Gov. Cuomo’s health care budget (1/22/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Cuomo proposes medical billing change (1/22/2014, WSJ)

New York state legislation calls for patient protections in medical bill disputes (1/22/2014, Daily Freeman News)

Is Affordable Care Act really affordable for all? (1/14/2015, USA Today)

Where’s My Insurance Card? (1/10/2014, WNYC)


Curtain Rises Wednesday on ‘Obamacare’ (12/31/2013, Philly)

New health law keeps LI firms, families busy (12/21/2013, Newsday)

Obamacare Bars Illegal Immigrants – and Sticks Hospitals With the Bill (12/18/2013, The Atlantic)

fordable Care Act Resources In Westchester: How To Get Enrolled (12/13/2013, The Bedford Daily Voice)

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High expectations for state insurance exchange (9/30/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

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‘Affordable Care’ or a Rip-Off? (9/28/2013, New York Times Sunday Review)

New York’s health benefit exchange: lots of questions, some answers (9/28/2013, Newsday)

NY1 Online: Experts Offer Guidance For New Health Exchange (9/27/2013, NY1)

Decoding Obamacare: A Guide to New Healthcare Marketplaces Designed to Help 48 Million Uninsured (9/27/2013, Democracy Now)

‘Navigators’ will help Central New Yorkers understand Obamacare when exchange opens Oct. 1 (9/25/2013, Syracuse)

Five Things You Should Know about Obamacare and Immigrants (9/25/2013, Reporting NYC)

The State of Affordable Health Insurance in New York (9/25/2013, Metrofocus)

How to tell if Obamacare works (9/24/2013, NY Daily News OP-ED)

Westchester Business Council To Host Health Care Forum (9/22/2013, Mount Vernon Daily Voice)

Opting Out Of Affordable Care Act Will Cost You, Experts Say (9/17/2013, NY1)

Financial Aid Subsidies May Help Families Large Cost Of Health Care (9/17/2013, NY1)

Understanding The Affordable Care Act: New York’s Online Exchanges (9/17/2013, CBS New York)

Experts to explain state’s new health insurance exchange (9/16/2013, Syracuse)

Advocates are launching an LGBT-specific Obamacare campaign. Here’s why. (9/12/2013, Washington Post)

Four health-care reform sessions planned this month (9/5/2013, The Buffalo News)

Complex Personal Issues May Cloud Decisions About Buying Insurance (9/3/2013, Kaiser Health News)

With Health Exchanges Opening Soon, Consumers Start To Focus (9/3/2013, NPR)

New era in health plans (8/18/2013, Albany Times Union)

Union that sells health insurance to workers without benefits now offers state’s lowest rates to others (8/11/2013, Syracuse, Post-Standard)

Making the most of health exchanges (8/9/2013, Market Watch)

Univision Obamacare Deal Could Put WellPoint, Blues Ahead of Competitors (8/2/2013, Kaiser Health News)

Amid Political Fight, Confusion and Fear About New York’s Health Exchange (8/2/2013, New York Times)

Voter Registration a Mandated Part of Health Exchanges (7/30/2013, WAMC)

Why many states won’t see N.Y.–sized savings under Obamacare (7/17/2013, Marketplace)

What New York Tells Us About Obamacare and the GOP’s Proposal (7/17/2013, The Atlantic Wire)

New York Says Obamacare Is Going to Cut Rates in Half for People Who Buy Their Own Insurance (7/17/2013, Mother Jones)

Man battles health insurer for drug that could save his life (7/16/2013, TODAY)

Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50% (7/16/2013, New York Times)

Health Insurance Within Reach (7/15/2013, New York Times)

Health exchange aims to raise visibility, win 1 million enrollees (7/14/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

Going private: Employers see benefits in choice of insurance exchanges (6/29/2013, Modern Healthcare)

New Campaign Helps LGBT New Yorkers Access Health Care (6/27/2013, EDGE on the Net)

Uninsured LGBT New Yorkers will soon have affordable insurance options (6/24/2013, Syracuse Post-Standard)

Obamacare to give LGBT New Yorkers more options (6/21/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

New York Insurance Exchange Will Address LGBT Health Disparities (6/21/2013, Think Progress)

Some States Will Make It Easier To Get Insurance Answers (6/18/2013, NPR)

Cuomo seeks ‘surprise billing’ Rx (6/10/2013, Times Union)

State-run Affordable Care Act health coverage program in works (6/9/2013, Newsday)

With Just Months To Go, New York State’s Health Benefit Exchange Gears Up For Open Enrollment (6/2013, Health Affairs)

Minnesota forges ahead on Basic Health Plan (5/23/2013, Politico)

Health insurance exchanges info is trickling in (5/21/2013, Democrat and Chronicle)

Westchester/Putnam Access to Health Care Coalition’s Mark Hannay Keeps the County Healthy (5/20/2013, Westchester Magazine)

New York City hospitals lag nation on free and discounted care (5/9/2013, The New York World)

Left with a language barrier to health care (5/4/2013, Times Union)

Filipino Americans value health insurance, rank high in coverage (5/3/2013, The FilAm)

With 2.6M uninsured residents, health insurance cost in New York expected to go down (5/2/2013, The FilAm)

DOH probes more regs for large doc practices (3/25/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

Cuomo Budget: Called “Out of Whack” on Out-of-Network Coverage (3/18/2013, Public News Service)

Letter: Obamacare has its plus sides (3/17/2013, Times Union)

Advocate calls federal reform bad for NY (3/15/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

Budget attacks medical billing (3/13/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

State hires army of humans to drive online health insurance exchange (2/14/2013, The New York World)

NY hopes to add 500,000 residents to Medicaid (2/9/2013, WSJ)

Latest edition: Obamacare Rollout (2/6/2013, CUNY TV: Brian Lehrer)

Report Faults High Fees for Out-of-Network Care (1/31/2013, New York Times)

New Yorkers to save million on health costs (1/7/2013, The Daily Star)

Governor Cuomo Announces Health Insurance Consumers Will Save $500 Million After Cuts in Insurer Rate Requests (1/6/2013, Gov. Cuomo press release)


Senate leader casts doubts on health exchange (3/22/12, WXXI News)

Health insurance exchange is facing a federal deadline (1/9/12, The Legislative Gazette)

Report: Health care reform working in New York, but… (1/6/12, Public News Service)

Health care exchange talk continues (1/5/12, The Schenectady Gazette)

A push for a health care exchange in New York (1/5/12, The Elmira Star Gazette)

Health care coalition urges creation of health care exchange ASAP (1/5/12, The Journal News, LoHud.com)

Lawsky: ‘Potential mountain’ of foreclosures (1/5/12, Capitol Confidential)

• 2011 •

7 More Insurers End Objections on Rate Filings (10/28/11, New York Times)

Major NY Health Insurers to Open Rate Hike Data (10/27/11, Wall Street Journal)

NY health firm agrees to disclose data on rates (10/25/11, Associated Press)

Insurer drops fight to keep rate filings from the public (10/25/11, New York Times)

State Trims Excellus Premium Increase and Tells Insurers it is Ending Rate Increase Secrecy (10/25/11, Syracuse Post Standard)

In Seeking Rate Increases in New York, Health Insurers Fight to Keep Secrets (10/12/11, New York Times)

Health Insurers Push Premiums Sharply Higher (9/28/11, New York Times)

Is New York Backtracking on Health Reform? (9/15/11, Metro Focus)

Health Exchange Lags at $38.7 M (9/9/11, Albany Times Union)

Senate Republicans in No Rush on Health Insurance Exchange (09/01/11, Gotham Gazette)

Group objects to rate hikes (8/29/11, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Insurance firms want big hike in premiums (8/29/11, NY Daily News)

Consumers Can Challenge Health Rates (7/13/11, Dunkirk Observer)

Exchange’s offerings raise consumer hopes (6/27/11, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Consensus reached on NY health exchange bill (6/24/11, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Health Law Offers New Options (6/15/11, Dunkirk Observer)

State must act soon to enact law for exchange development, forum told (5/23/11, BNA’s Health Care Policy Report)

Act Now: New York needs a health exchange (05/23/11, Syracuse Post-Standard)

Health insurance exchange forum concluded at MCC (05/19/11, Democrat & Chronicle)

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Health Advocates Push an Insurance Exchange Wish List (5/16/11, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Insurance Dept. plans health insurance public hearing (5/11/11, Rochester Business Journal)

Advocates say NY needs health-exchange legislation ASAP (5/11/11,  LoHud.com)

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New York needs insurance exchange bill ASAP (5/11/11, Crain’s Health Pulse)

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Advocates Celebrate Health Reform Anniversary (03/24/11, YNN Buffalo)

Tonko Celebrates Health Care Birthday (03/23/11, Capitol Confidential- Albany Times Union)

Coverage of HCFANY’s ACA 1-year Birthday Celebration at the Legislative Office Building, aired 03/23/11 on CBS 6 in Albany

• 2010 •

Preparing for Health Care Reform (12/16/10, Metroland)

Group Offers State Advice For Insuring All NY’ers (12/06/10, Legislative Gazette)

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Federal health care site coming July 1 (6/23/10, USA Today)

Prior approval’ of premiums alters health care landscape (6/20/10, Democrat and Chronicle)

HCFANY group Citizen Action Looks to Dispel Myths About Health Care Reform (6/10/10, Fox40 WICZ)

Prior approval passage dismays biz group, elates others (6/9/10, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Lawmakers pass bill that will let state control health insurance rate increases (6/8/10,  Syracuse Post Standard)

President Obama’s health care reform may one day help New Yorkers, meanwhile rates soar (5/2/10, Daily News)

New York Offers Costly Lesson on Insurance (4/17/10, NY Times)

Race still an issue, budget report says (4/12/10, Legislative Gazette)

Health Care law changes reimbursement system (4/11/10, Glens Falls Post Star)

This No. 1 nothing to brag about (4/6/10, Albany Times Union)

Nowhere to Hyde (4/1/10, The Nation) HCFANY member Lois Uttley of Raising Women’s Voices  in a discussion on

HCFANY’s prior approval ad in the Legislative Gazette

• 2009 •

What Report?(7/21/09, Crains Health Pulse)

Bill allows parents to extend group health insurance to their 19-to-29 year old children (7/20/09, Syracuse Post Standard)

Senate Turmoil Undermines Bills (6/25/09, Crains Health Pulse)