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Medical-Debt Charity to Buy, Wipe Out $278 Million of Patients’ Hospital Bills (6/15/2021, The Wall Street Journal)

Concerns Mount Over Looming Surge in Bankruptcy as COVID Medical Debt Soars (6/14/2021, Newsweek)

The Case for Health Care Education and Consumer Assistance (6/1/2021, Brooklyn Paper)

Number of patients sued by Capital Region hospitals over unpaid bills among highest in NY (5/21/2021, WRGB Albany)

Laws to Curb Surprise Medical Bills Might Be Inflating Health Care Costs (5/20/2021, The Pew Charitable Trusts)

Pandemic Profiteers: Hospitals Sued Patients over Medical Debt While Getting Billions in Relief Aid (4/6/2021, Democracy Now!)

Mount Sinai on Beth Israel: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead (4/3/2021, WestView News)

More regulation of urgent care industry needed, Community Catalyst report argues (3/31/2021, Modern Healthcare)

Protections from growing medical debt missing from budget priorities (3/19/2021, WCNY)

Pandemic hasn’t stopped area’s hospitals from suing patients over unpaid bills (3/19/2021, Albany Times Union)

The pandemic revealed the pros and cons of New York’s health care system (3/3/2021, City & State New York)

With More Than 1 Million Uninsured, New York Needs Immediate Comprehensive Health-Care for All (3/3/2021, Gotham Gazette)

Immigrant New Yorkers deserve an equal chance at economic recovery (Commentary) (3/2/2021, Syracuse Post-Standard)

$1B project to rebuild Lenox Hill Hospital on Upper East Side would ruin ‘character of the community,’ opponents say (1/25/2021, Daily News)

How will undocumented immigrants get the COVID-19 vaccine? (1/22/2021, Fast Company)

Eligibility, access and immigration – Elegibilidad, acceso e inmigración (1/20/2021, Manhattan Times)

‘Just because we’re undocumented does not mean we’re worth less than other people’: Will undocumented immigrants get COVID-19 vaccines under Biden? (1/19/2021, MarketWatch)

NY Hospitals Slow To Comply With New Price Transparency Rule That Took Effect This Month (1/18/2021, Gothamist)

For true herd immunity, we must vaccinate immigrants as a priority (1/14/2021, The Guardian)

Breaking down Cuomo’s State of the State health care proposals (1/12/2021, The Capitol Pressroom – WCNY)

Medical Debt and the Pandemic (1/11/2021, The Brian Lehrer Show – WNYC)

CSSNY’s Benjamin on Charitable Hospitals Suing Patients During COVID-19 (1/7/2021, Spectrum News)

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers (1/7/2021, City & State New York)

Northwell Health says it will stop suing patients during pandemic (1/6/2021, Modern Healthcare)

Because of surge in COVID-19 cases, Northwell hits pause on bill collections (1/5/2021, Newsday)

One Hospital System Sued 2,500 Patients After Pandemic Hit (1/5/2021, The New York Times)


State racial disparities study nears completion (12/28/20, Politico Pro – behind a paywall)

Reaching Undocumented Immigrants a Concern Amid Pandemic (12/18/20, Spectrum News)

Persecuted and marginalized: Black LGBTQ immigrants face unique challenges (12/9/2020, ABA Journal)

COVID In NYC: Many Residents Have Yet To Show Confidence In Vaccine Process (12/9/2020, CBS New York)

Financial downturn exacerbates medical debt burden (11/13/2020, WCNY)

Citing Lessons Learned, City Officials Outline Preparations, Cautious Optimism for Handling Potential Second Covid Wave (11/11/2020, Gotham Gazette)

Many workers who lost their jobs due to COVID need help finding health coverage (11/10/2020, Fortune)

How the Supreme Court’s case on the ACA could hurt New York (11/9/2020, City & State)

New York to convene health care simplification workgroup to reduce healthcare costs (10/28/2020, ABC50 Now)

Low-income New Yorkers seeking preventive care less than the wealthy, survey finds (10/28/2020, Crain’s New York Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Is Racism a Public Health Crisis? (10/16/2020, wshu Public Radio)

Lenox Hill Hospital expansion faces opposition due to health care inequalities (10/15/2020, Crain’s New York Business – behind a paywall)

Twenty-seven NY groups request Supreme Court Nomination delayed until after 2021 presidential inauguration (10/13/2020, ABC50)

Patients getting slammed by surprise costs related to COVID-19 (10/12/2020, CBS News)

COVID-19 coverage safety net has plenty of holes in US (10/11/2020, ABC News)

Pandemic drives New York’s Medicaid enrollment up (9/3/2020, City & State)

Years of hospital closures make New York City vulnerable to another COVID-19 wave, some say (8/19/2020, Becker’s Hospital Review)

“Beds Not Bodybags”: Activists Warn Hospital Closures Make NYC Vulnerable To Another COVID Wave (8/16/2020, Gothamist)

New Yorkers’ Premiums Will Tick Up In 2021, But Barely, After State Steps In (8/15/2020, Gothamist)

Shuttered Hospitals in Queens Limited Access to Health Care Amid Pandemic (8/6/2020, NY1)

Dental patients must be protected from COVID surcharges, regulators say (8/6/2020, Newsday)

Supportive housing groups say state cuts will lead to homelessness, higher costs (7/14/2020, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

Why insurers are seeking rate increases for 2021 (6/15/2020, Crain’s Health Pulse – behind a paywall)

NYC Health Clinics Brace for a Flood of New and Old Patients (6/10/2020, The City)

Why George Floyd’s death, COVID-19 inequality sparked protests: ‘We’re witnessing history’ (6/5/2020, Ithaca Journal)

New public charge regulations, continued ICE activity incite fear among immigrant groups seeking healthcare (5/22/2020, Columbia Spectator)

These NY health systems received the most Covid-19 federal hot spot funding (5/19/2020, Crain’s New York Business – behind a paywall)

20 Years of Decisions to Close Hospitals Have ‘Come Home to Roost’ (5/12/2020, Commercial Observer)

Social Security and Medicare funds at risk even before coronavirus pandemic (4/22/2020, KTVU)

Dozens of NY’s hospitals closed. Then COVID-19 hit. Now marginalized patients are dying. Here’s why (4/10/2020, Ithaca Journal)

Cuomo Won’t Back Down On Medicaid Cuts—Even If It Means Spurning Billions In Coronavirus Aid (3/31/2020, Gothamist)

A Genetic Test For A Microscopic Problem Came With A Jumbo Price Tag (3/31/2020, UPR)

Hospitals’ downsizing plans draw criticism as outbreak grows (3/20/2020, Crain’s New York Business)

9 States Reopen ACA Insurance Enrollment To Broaden Health Coverage (3/20/2020, wjct)

Public Charge Adds to Coronavirus Confusion Among Undocumented Immigrants (3/16/2020, Documented)

NY Hospitals Filed 31,000 Lawsuits Against Patients Over Four Years, New Report Shows (3/13/2020, Gothamist)

Major Hospitals Have Filed Thousands Of Lawsuits Against Patients (3/12/2020, Crain’s New York Business)

Trump’s immigration policies may put people at risk of coronavirus – experts (3/8/2020, The Guardian)

Mount Sinai’s Plan Comes Up for State Review (2/2/2020, WestView News)

City’s own health care system expands to Brooklyn and Staten Island (1/30/2020, amNY)

Bloomberg on health care: Translating his mayoral record to the national stage (1/23/2020, Politifact)

Patient Who Questioned ”Blank Check” Financial Liability Form Turned Away Right Before Medical Procedure (1/15/2020, Gothamist)

Beware: Some Medicare Advantage Plans Have Plenty Of Disadvantages (1/14/2020, Health Living)


New York State Lawmakers Weigh Single-Payer Health Bill (5/28/2019, The Wall Street Journal)

At packed hearing, NY lawmakers weigh single-payer health care (5/28/2019, Albany Times-Union)

A health-care program NYC must save (5/10/2019, New York Daily News)

De Blasio’s ‘NYC Care’ Card Isn’t Health Insurance, But It Could Improve Public Health (5/9/2019, Gothamist)

HCFANY, CSSNY blast plans to rewrite Basic Health Program funding (5/3/2019, Politico Pro – behind a paywall)

Giving Patients a Voice in the Health Care Policy Debate (5/2/2019, Public)

Patients urged to share billing frustrations, organize to shape health policy (5/1/2019, Becker’s Hospital CFO Report)

Grassroots Group to Fight Medical Debt Collection, Surprise Bills (4/30/2019, Crains New York Health Pulse)

Letter: Uninsured immigrants deserve health insurance (4/19/2019, Albany Times Union)

Enrollment, Coverage, and Prescription Drug Affordability Issues Continue to be Challenges for People with Medicare (4/4/2019, Press Release Point)

More Medicaid consolidation as Centene plans $17.3 billion WellCare purchase (3/28/2019, Crain’s New York Business)

Survey: Half of New Yorkers find care unaffordable (scroll down, 3/8/2019, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Patient groups want expansion in budget (scroll down to third article, 2/25/19, Crain’s Health Pulse)

State proposal would shake up charity-care funding (2/25/19, Crain’s Health Pulse)

State Legislators in Albany May Consider Extending Health Insurance to the Undocumented (2/20/19, Documented)

De Blasio Care (2/5/19, The Indypendent)

If You Do Medicare Sign-Up Wrong, It Will Cost You (1/31/19, New York Times)

NYC Health & Hospitals proposes changes to charity-care payments (1/18/19, Modern Healthcare)

New Enrollment Period Now Available for People with Medicare Advantage (1/17/19, Pharmacy Choice)

City hospital system proposes changes to charity-care payments (1/17/19, Crain’s New York Business)

New York City experiments with health care for all (1/11/19, CBS News)

Healthcare Advocates From Across New York State Have a Message for Legislators: Now is the Time to Pass Safe Staffing for Nurses and Caregivers (1/12/19, Pharmacy Choice)

Guaranteeing Healthcare for All New Yorkers (1/10/19, The Brian Lehrer Show)


New York City Considering Health Care Program That Would Cover Undocumented Immigrants (12/18/18, Documented)

The Obstacles Facing Single-Payer in New York are Precisely Why People Want It (12/12/2018, City Limits)

Democrats Clinch Control of State Senate for the First Time Since 2010 (11/8/2018, Washington Square News)

State billing law leads to fewer surprises for New Yorkers (10/30/2018, Crain’s New York Business)

Warning: Companies can deny you Medigap insurance, once you drop out of original Medicare (10/19/2018, Miami Herald)

Medicare enrollment underway through Dec. 7 (10/16/2018, USA News)

HHS: Medicare Advantage Plans Improperly Denying Claims (10/15/2018, Home Health Care News)

Justice Department Blesses CVS-Aetna Deal (10/10/2018, ThinkAdvisor)

Targeting Immigrants on Public Assistance (10/9/2018, Socialist Worker)

CVS, Aetna Tout $69 Billion Deal as Boon for Consumers, But Pharmacies Object (10/4/2018, New York Daily News)

Connecticut Regulators Hear Testimony on Aetna-CVS Deal (10/4/2018, WNPR)

Thousands of insurance appeals went to doctor feds say is fraud (10/2/2018, Bloomberg News)

Guide to Medicare: Time to shop around to make the right moves (10/2/2018, New York Daily News)

Trump’s new proposal on public aid triggers panic among immigrants (10/1/18, Inquirer)

Sen. Cantwell Introduces Legislation to Expand Basic Health Program to Cover More People at Lower Cost (9/26/2018, Pharmacy Choice)

Deadline imminent for People in the ACA Marketplace Plans to Enroll in Medicare Without Penalty (9/21/2018,Pharmacy Choice)

Future unclear for Obamacare (9/6/2018, My Twin Tiers)

As Catholic Hospitals Expand, So Do Limits on Some Procedures (8/10/2018, New York Times)

Letter: New York must help immigrants (8/5/2018, Troy Record)

Letter: Medicare Advantage Perks (7/29/2018, New York Times)

Consumers need a say when health care changes (7/1/2018, Times Union)

Aging HIV Population Confronts High Drug Costs, Taxes Medicare (6/28/2018, Bloomberg Law)

Letter: Unconscionable proposed changes to Medicare and Medicaid (6/25/2018, Washington Post)

Consumers’ Right to Challenge Health Insurance Rates (6/21/2018, WBAI)

Mt. Sinai’s Plan for Our Community (6/9/2018, WestView News)

N.Y. Consumers Seek State Individual Health Insurance Mandate (6/5/2018, Bloomberg News)


14 Last-Minute Tips for Enrollees in The Obamacare Marketplace (12/8/2017)

New York Prepares for Open Enrollment in the age of Trump (11/1/2017, Crainsnewyork.com)

How To Navigate Trump’s Obamacare (10/23/2017, Wnyc.org)

Keeping The American Dream Alive (10/11/2017, HuffPost)

New York’s Republicans Must Resist the Obamacare Repeal and Replace Effort (9/26/2017, City And State)

The GOP’s Real Healthcare Repeal Target is Poor People (7/28/2017, The Village Voice)

Medicaid “Optional” Benefits in Peril (7/10/2017, Public News Service)

Niños de Nueva York podrían verse afectados si se realizan recortes al Medicaid (6/26/2017, Univision Nueva York)

Local Impact of Senate Health Care Bill (6/26/2017, NBC New York)

City shuttering health care access program for immigrants (6/25/2017, Politico New York)

Senate Healthcare Bill Makes Major Cuts to Medicaid (6/23/2017, The Brian Lehrer Show)

New York leaders call Senate health bill ‘inhumane’ and ‘unfair’ (6/23/2017, Crain’s New York)

Rally opposing health care overhaul held in Albany (6/22/2017, News Channel 13 Albany)

New York health insurance companies propose rate increases (6/21/2017, WRVO Public Media)

Community Creates Human Chain of Linked Hands for Day of Action (6/21/2017, Fox 40 WICZ-TV Binghamton)

Public Comment Period Open for New York Health Insurance Rates (6/19/2017, WSKG News)

New actions aim to protect health insurance/Protegiendo el seguro de salud (6/7/2017, Manhattan Times)

Trump’s budget: Medicaid, EPA and more spending cuts that could impact NYC (5/23/2017, AM New York)

Push to Override Medicaid Therapy Visit Cap (5/22/2017, Spectrum News Capital Region)

Town hall’s call: More Beth Israel hospital beds, single-payer plan (5/11/2017, The Villager)

Instan a rechazar el nuevo plan de salud ‘Trumpcare’ (5/7/2017, El Diario)

‘Shame on You’ – Activists Blast Trumpcare and ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order (The Observer, 5/4/2017)

Al ritmo de cucharas y cacerolas se manifestaron contra la primera visita de Donald Trump como presidente a Nueva York (5/4/2017, Noticero Univision)

Four Ways Trumpcare Could Affect NY (And Two it Could Affect NJ) (5/4/2017, WNYC News)

New conservative health care proposal would have little impact in New York (4/22/2017, Politifact New York)

Fight Back Bay Ridge leaders hope town hall is springboard (4/21/2017, The Brooklyn Eagle)

Donovan constituents come together at community-organized town hall (4/20/2017, Brooklyn Reporter)

Obamacare Still in Play, NY Could Lose a Lot (4/13/2017, Public News Service)

Faso defends Medicaid reform amendment (4/12/2017, Albany Times Herald-Record)

Faso on health care reform, Syria, North Korea (4/11/2017, The Daily Gazette)

Insurers confront the new normal in health care: uncertainty (4/4/2017, Crain’s New York Business)

‘Obamacare is the Law of the Land’ After Trump Yanks Health Care Bill (3/24/2017, DNA Info)

‘Keep Kids Covered’ forum addresses children’s health care (3/22/2017, Staten Island Real-Time News)

Oscar Was Tech’s Answer to Health Insurance – Will Trump Destroy It, or Was It Already Doomed? (3/17/2017, GQ)

Quadriplegic mom fears for future under GOP health care plan (3/16/2017, New York Daily News)

Health Care or Wealth Care? 24 Million to Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan While Rich Get Tax Breaks (3/14/2017, Truthout)

Week 8: Can Washington Fix America’s Health Care System? (3/13/2017, WNYC)

Republicans Try Their Hands at an Obamacare Replacement (3/8/2017, The Brian Lehrer Show)

Many States Not Prepared to Regulate Health Plan Networks (3/8/2017, Bloomberg BNA)

N.Y. officials, health experts react to Republican Obamacare replacement (3/7/2017, Albany Times Union)

GOP unveils ‘Obamacare’ replacement (3/6/2017, Fox 5 News)

Concerned Staten Islanders host town hall to discuss future of health care (2/24/2017, Staten Island Live)

Rep. Claudia Tenney reverses decision, agrees to hold town hall meeting (2/23/2017, Syracuse.com)

Concerns over possible repeal of ACA heard at SUNY Geneseo (2/22/2017, Rochester First)

New York doesn’t make health insurers post prices (2/22/2017, Democrat & Chronicle)

ACA repeal vs. N.Y.: Tallying up the harm (2/19/17, New York Daily News)

Older New Yorkers stand to lose in health care debate (2/6/17, The Buffalo News)

How a Catholic Insurer Built a Birth Control Obstacle Course in New York (1/26/2017, Rewire)

Sounding the Alarm on ACA repeal (1/26/2017, Manhattan Times)

Elisabeth Benjamin on ACA (1/20/2017, WCNY Capitol Pressroom)

More than 90 people gather outside Donovan’s office to protest repeal of ACA (1/20/2017, Staten Island Live)

Concerns rise in New York over Republican proposal for high-risk pools (1/18/2017, Politico)

Immigrantes de Nueva York piden proteger y expandir Obamacare (1/18/2017, El Diario)

What Looms for NJ and NY if Obamacare is Repealed (1/6/2017, WNYC News)

Cuomo administration lays out dire impact of Obamacare repeal (1/4/2017, Politico)

A Judge Just Suspended Obamacare’s Transgender Protections – Here’s What That Means (1/4/2017, Buzzfeed News)


New York could face budget crunch if Obamacare is repealed (11/9/2016, Politico New York)

NY Might Get More Transparency in Health Care Prices (11/2/2016, WSKG News)

Insurance Startup Reevaluates the Merits of Obamacare (9/15/2016, The Brian Lehrer Show)

N.Y. Decision Imminent on 2017 Health Plan Premium Increase Requests (8/8/2016, Bloomberg BNA Health Care Policy Report)

New York state health insurance rates to rise nearly 17% (8/5/2016, Daily News)

Connecting Immigrants to Health Care Coverage (6/29/2016, Health Affairs Blog)

WCA merger application to be considered Thursday (6/8/2016, Buffalo Business First)

Advocates push for contraception coverage bill in the Senate (5/24/2016, POLITICO New York)

30 things to know about balance billing (5/11/2016, Becker’s Hospital Review)

Calling for state action, advocates highlight immigrant health care dilemma (3/1/2016, POLITICO New York)

Coalition moves to expand Obamacare to undocumented immigrants (2/22/2016, Crain’s New York Business)

Advocates Push NY State for Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants (2/10/2016, Public News Service)

N.Y., Minn. Opt for Low-Cost Plans to Help Some Residents Afford Coverage (2/2/2016, Kaiser Health News)

New report offers options for insuring undocumented immigrants (1/29/2016, POLITICO New York)

Latinos son los neoyorquinos con menos acceso a seguro médico (1/29/2016, El Diario)


Number of uninsured New Yorkers is higher in Sunnyside, Woodside, report says (11/10/2015, AM New York)

It’s Year Three For Obamacare (11/5/2015, The Brian Lehrer Show)

Report demands increase diversity in specialized high schools (11/5/2015, NY Amsterdam News)

In New De Blasio Heath Care Plan, Limited Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants (11/3/2015, Gotham Gazette)

In Year 3, many hit with Obamacare sticker shock (11/1/2015, CBS News)

State offers new plan for third year of Obamacare, seek takers (10/30/2015, POLITICO New York)

A More Affordable Health Plan for Working Families (10/29/2015, PNS)

ACA Sparks Big Reduction in Uninsured Children in New York State (10/29/2015, PNS)

Undocumented Uninsured (10/13/2015, BRIC TV)

NY: anuncian nuevo plan de salud (10/9/2015, Telemundo)

Mayor de Blasio Announces Plan to Improve Immigrant Access to Health Care Services (10/8/2015, City of New York)

Mayor’s Initiative Could Boost Immigrant Health-Care Access (10/1/2015, Wall Street Journal)

Presentan plan de salud para indocumentados en Nueva York (10/1/2015, El Diario)

New year means new slogan for state’s insurance exchange (9/28/2015, POLITICO)

Census: Nearly 15 percent of Americans living in poverty (9/22/2015, isurfpaducah)

Census Numbers Show a Drop in Uninsured New Yorkers (7/17/2015, WXXI News)

Fewer Rochesterians uninsured (9/17/2015, Democrat & Chronicle)

State Medicaid care initiative failing to launch (8/27/2015, POLITICO Pro)

POLITICO New York Health Care: Mapping Obamacare enrollment by insurer; Montefiore ACO performs well (8/26/2015, POLITICO New York Health Care)

With big rate hikes coming, reviews vary state by state (8/21/2015, POLITICO)

Map of Obamacare enrollment by county (8/17/2015, POLITICO)

1.1 million New Yorkers added to roll for Medicaid (7/19/2015, Times Union)

States make laws to protect patients from hidden medical bills (7/15/2015, KPCC)

N.Y. Law Offers Model For Helping Consumers Avoid Surprise Out-Of-Network Charges (7/14/2015, Kaiser Health News)

Consumers advocates blast proposed premium hikes (7/10/2015, Crain’s Health Pulse)

What Will Happen to Obamacare? (6/24/2015, WNYC – The Brian Lehrer Show)

Health Clinic Refuses To Give Undocumented Immigrant A Kidney Transplant From Her Husband (6/18/2015, Think Progress)

Undocumented immigrant denied kidney transplant (6/16/2015, News 12)

Decision Means Mobility for Thousands of New Yorkers (5/29/2015, PNS)

Law Protects Consumers From Surprise Medical Bills (5/2015, New York Able)

The Tangle of Coordinated Health Care (4/13/2015, New York Times)

New Law Protects New Yorkers from Big Surprise Medical Bills (4/3/2015, PNS)

Cuomo administration announces law protecting New York consumers from surprise, out-of-network medical bills goes into effect today (3/31/2015, DFS Press Release)

New York State law protecting consumers from “surprise” medical expenses goes into effect (3/31/2015, Saratogian)

Slow start for ambitious state Medicaid initiative (3/5/2015, Capital New York)

Lobbying by Health Care for All (3/3/2015, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Final Days for New Yorkers to Get 2015 Affordable Health Coverage (2/9/2015, PNS)

LGBT Enrollment Week (1/14/2015, Crain’s Health Pulse)

LGBT Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Week in NYC (1/13/2015, Go Magazine)

LGBT Leaders and Electeds Make Final Push for Healthcare Enrollment (1/12/2015, Edge Media Network)


Medicaid incluirá servicios para transgéneros de NY (12/17/2014, El Diario)

Senate GOP: Immigration order will cost NY (12/4/2014, Press Connects)

Insurers prepare for Obamacare, round two (12/2/2014, Crain’s New York Business)

Westchester Business Leaders Weigh In On Obamacare One Year Later (12/1/2014, Westchester Magazine)

Obamacare Enrollment Is Focus Of Armonk Talk (11/28/2014, Armonk Daily Voice)

Health-care maze remains for undocumented immigrants (11/25/2014, CNBC)

Obama’s immigration overhaul could cost state millions in health care (11/22/2014, New York Daily News)

Immigration order could have big impact on N.Y. Medicaid (11/20/2014, Capital New York)

Advocates seek immigrant enrollment in health plans (11/18/2014, Newsday)

Insuring NY’s Last Million (11/17/2014, WNYC)

Test Your Metal: Selecting health care coverage in New York’s insurance exchange (11/17/2014, New York Daily News)

Freelancers Union pairs with Empire Blue Cross to offer health insurance plans (11/17/2014, New York Daily News)

Obamacare open enrollment period: What you need to know (11/17/2014, New York Daily News)

Hospital-Bill Sucker Punch (11/15/2014, Bottom Line Publications)

Urgen a inmigrantes hispanos a inscribirse en Obamacare (11/13/2014, Noticia)

A New Yorker’s Guide to Enrolling in Obamacare for 2015 (11/12/2014, New York Magazine)

Entienda la Reforma de Salud y cómo beneficia a inmigrantes (11/11/2014, Queens Latino)

Arranca Nuevo period de inscripcion para Obamacare (11/5/2014, El Diario)

Pushing Obamacare (10/23/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

What’s next for Obamacare in New York (9/29/2014, Capital New York)

Rise Of Catholic Insurance Plans Raises Questions About Contraceptive Coverage (9/17/2014, Kaiser Health News)

Report: Fidelis Care doesn’t allow Planned Parenthood as provider (9/17/2014, Capital Pro)

State cuts 2015 ‘Obamacare’ rate hikes by more than 50 percent (9/4/2014, Syracuse)

New York State Gives Health Insurers Average Rate Rise of 5.7% (9/4/2014, New York Times)

Health insurers look for big rate increases in 2015 from state regulators (7/3/2014, NY Daily News)

Obamacare Insurer Eyeing Big Price Hike In 2015 (7/3/2014, Gothamist)

New script for health care: Choices expanding beyond hospitals (6/29/2014, Utica OD)

Exchange Outreach (6/27/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

New York Insurance Rate Review Process More Transparent Than Other States (6/18/2014, WXXI News)

Rangel Answers Healthcare Questions In Twitter Townhall (4/28/2014, Insurance News Net)

New York’s Patient Protections May Be National Model (4/15/2014, Governing)

In New York, Hard Choices on Health Exchange Spell Success (4/13/2014, New York Times)

Budget Trifecta (4/9/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Surprise Medical Bills Lead to Protection Laws: Health (4/4/2014, Bloomberg Businessweek)

NYS of Relief (4/2/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

New York Curbs Medical Bills Containing Surprises (3/30/2014, New York Times)

Out-of-Network Lobbying (3/25/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Cuomo administration pushes for out-of-network billing protection (3/25/2014, Legislative Gazette)

Preventing surprise medical bills (3/24/2014, Times Union)

Lawsky: ‘Very active’ talks to end surprise medical bills (3/24/2014, Capital Pro)

Lobbying the Senate on ACA (3/21/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

2015 Enrollment Extended (3/6/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Non-network option may return in 2015 (3/5/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Health care push at Capitol (3/4/2014, Times Union)

Community Corner: Bob Cohen, Citizen Action Of New York And Public Policy And Education Fund (3/1/2014, WAMC)

Plans to Expand Insurance Coverage (2/20/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Capital Health Care: LICH supporters split; state denies Visiting Nurse Services (2/19/2014, Capital New York)

Who will help the newly insured? (2/18/2014, POLITICO)

Cuomo’s budget plan adds ‘basic health option’ (1/30/2014, Capital New York)

New York may add health insurance option for people too poor to afford Obamacare (1/29/2014, Syracuse)

Juggling act, state budget style (1/26/2014, Times Union)

Capital Health Care: ‘Two midnight’ to court; MetroPlus doing well (1/24/2014, Capital Pro)

Gov. Cuomo’s health care budget (1/22/2014, Crain’s Health Pulse)

Cuomo proposes medical billing change (1/22/2014, WSJ)

New York state legislation calls for patient protections in medical bill disputes (1/22/2014, Daily Freeman News)

Is Affordable Care Act really affordable for all? (1/14/2015, USA Today)

Where’s My Insurance Card? (1/10/2014, WNYC)


Curtain Rises Wednesday on ‘Obamacare’ (12/31/2013, Philly)

New health law keeps LI firms, families busy (12/21/2013, Newsday)

Obamacare Bars Illegal Immigrants – and Sticks Hospitals With the Bill (12/18/2013, The Atlantic)

fordable Care Act Resources In Westchester: How To Get Enrolled (12/13/2013, The Bedford Daily Voice)

Your Daily News Guide to Obamacare: Shopping for the perfect plan (12/8/2013, NY Daily News)

New York’s health exchange one of few Obamacare success stories (12/1/2013, NY Daily News)

Affordable health care is here; this is what you need to know (11/13/2013, NY Daily News)

Health Exchange: A One-Month Checkup (11/2/2013, New York Times)

So You Found An Exchange Plan. But Can You Find A Provider? (11/2/2013, NPR)

NY says its health exchange unaffected by federal problems so far (11/1/2013, WRVO Public Media)

Obstructing Obamacare’s Navigators (11/1/2013, The New Yorker)

Website Problems Delay Health Exchange Enrollments in NY (10/2/2013, Epoch Times)

Guest Columnist: Knowing the details can help you navigate insurance exchanges (9/30/2013, Times Herald-Record)

Your guide to Obamacare: How to size up health plans with the online exchange (9/30/2013, NY Daily News)

10 Essential Tips for Getting Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act (9/30/2013, DNAinfo)

Your guide to Obamacare: Affordable Care Act to open Oct. 1 (9/30/2013, Daily News)

High expectations for state insurance exchange (9/30/2013, Crain’s New York Business)

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• 2011 •

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• 2010 •

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HCFANY’s prior approval ad in the Legislative Gazette

• 2009 •

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