Still Waiting After all These Years: Many Nonprofit Hospitals Financial Aid Policies Still Fail Health Department Audits

Posted November, 1 2021 by Amanda Dunker

Over a decade ago, New York State enacted Manny’s Law, which required New York’s non-profit hospitals to provide hospital financial assistance to low-income patients. The law is named after Manny Lanza, a young New Yorker with a brain condition who died after being precipitously discharged from a hospital because he was uninsured. Under Manny’s Law, […]

Simplifying Administrative Processes to Help Patients

Posted October, 20 2021 by Amanda Dunker

A state Workgroup investigating ways to simplify administrative processes around health care recommended a number of policy changes that could make life easier for patients. The Health Care Administrative Simplification Workgroup was created in the FY20-21 enacted budget and submitted its final report to the Legislature a few weeks ago. Several of the Workgroup’s recommendations […]

Immigrants Need Clarity on Public Charge

Posted October, 13 2021 by Amanda Dunker

The Biden Administration is planning to draft a new public charge rule, and is gathering information before it does so through a public comment process. Advocates have until October 22 to submit their comments (you can read the request for comments here.) The previous Administration’s expansion of the public charge rule is still harming New […]

Medicare and Medical Debt

Posted October, 1 2021 by Amanda Dunker

Medicare is a life-saver for older Americans, but it does have out-of-pocket costs that can expose some patients to medical debt. A new issue brief created for HCFANY by the Medicare Rights Center explains some of the causes of medical debt for people enrolled in Medicare and describes some steps patients can take to avoid […]