Action Alert: Let’s keep our eyes on the prize!

Posted March, 28 2012 by arianne

Well folks, due to inaction on the part of the State Senate, establishing a New York Health Insurance Exchange through the final State Budget is no longer possible.

However, media reports are now indicating that Governor Cuomo does not plan to turn his back on the millions of small businesses and families in New York who are being crushed by the cost of health insurance.  Instead, he plans to do what’s responsible and issue an Executive Order to establish a New York Health Insurance Exchange!

Call Governor Cuomo’s office TODAY to thank him and support his plan to issue an Executive Order to establish a New York Health Insurance Exchange this week!

CALL (518) 474-8390

No matter what happens in the Supreme Court, New York still needs to fix its insurance market.  While an Executive Order cannot accomplish everything that legislation would have done, it will still move the state government forward in helping New Yorkers in need.

Establishing an Exchange is vital for New York for three reasons:

  1. With an Exchange, New York’s health care costs for those who get their insurance through small businesses will drop by 22%.  If small group premiums drop this significantly, businesses will be able to hire new workers instead of struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums.  In addition, folks who buy insurance on their own on the individual market will see costs drop by 66%! Lower health costs will make New York’s economy stronger.
  2. There are currently over 2.8 million New Yorkers living without health insurance because they cannot afford it.  An Exchange will make quality, affordable health insurance options available to all, and 1 million New Yorkers are expected to newly gain coverage as result.
  3. Establishment of an Exchange will allow New York State to draw down millions in federal funds to help get our Exchange up and running and helping New Yorkers as soon as possible.

Don’t wait! Call today!