Aetna Receives an $850,000 Slap on the Wrist

Posted October, 4 2010 by arianne

New York State Insurance Superintendent James Wrynn announced today that health insurer Aetna has been issued a fine of $850,000 in response to several health insurance violations.  These violations in large part consisted of failures to provide their enrollees with necessary information regarding their rights or the cost of their care, and taking too much time to make decisions on health care claims. 

Shame on you Aetna – when it comes to health insurance, what we don’t know CAN hurt us.  So, kudos to the Department of Insurance for taking these practices seriously and responding accordingly.

Aetna has agreed to pay the fine and is said to be taking all necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of these types of violations.  

Click here to read the Insurance Department’s Press Release on the matter.

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