Ain’t no mountain high enough…

Posted August, 21 2012 by arianne

Health insurance plans are now posting as much as 300-500 pages worth of documents, spreadsheets, actuarial data, and other information on the Department of Financial Services (DFS) website as justification for this year’s proposed premium rate increases.

It has been quite the endeavor to sift through all of this and make heads or tails of it, much less to understand it well enough to comment on it.  But, we here at HCFANY will not be deterred! We are continuing to pull together our our rate objections on this years proposed increases.  Below you can find the latest round:

To find a complete list of rate review objection letters sent by HCFANY this year, you can find them in our Publications page under “prior approval.” Again, if you’d like to submit your own comments to the DFS, you can do so online by clicking here, or via regular mail to:

Mr. Charles Lovejoy
Health Bureau
New York State Department of Financial Services
25 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004