Changes in Medicaid administration begin to take shape

Posted December, 7 2010 by arianne

On Friday, the State Department of Health (SDOH) issued a report on the transition of the administration of New York’s Medicaid program from the local social service districts to the State.  This report is considered to be the first step in developing a plan for State administration and for what needs to happen in order to develop and implement a plan within the next 5 years.

The report outlines the different elements needed for implementation of a plan, and short- and long-term recommendations for legislation and other matters.  The report also includes a preliminary implementation timeline, and the results of a survey of local districts of social services on their roles in Medicaid administration (conducted with the Medicaid Institute at the United Hospital Fund).   Also, check out Exhibit G for a very useful chart on all of New York’s Medicaid programs, by income level and categories.

Click here to read the full report, titled New York State Medicaid Administration, November 2010 Report.”