Posted March, 12 2009 by arianne

Governor Seeks to Offer COBRA Relief to Small Business Employees
Governor David A. Paterson submitted a bill to ensure that New Yorkers laid off by small businesses can qualify for federal benefits that pay up to 65% of  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) health insurance premiums. The subsidy, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), is available to individuals who were laid off on or after September 1, 2008. A change in State law is needed so that all eligible workers laid off by small businesses can access the subsidized coverage.  Read the Governor’s press statement.

New COBRA Report Issued by UHF
COBRA gives workers and their families who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue health benefits provided by their group health plan for limited periods of time under certain circumstances.  For a good explanation of federal COBRA rules, and the State’s mini-COBRA statute, see a new report issued by the United Hospital Fund.   

HCFANY Renews Call For State COBRA Extension to 36 Months
HCFANY’s legislative agenda has also called upon the Governor to further expand COBRA coverage for New Yorkers who lose employment to 36 months, beyond the current 18-month limit.   California has already enacted such a provision through its CAL-COBRA program.   Read more here:  HCFANY’s Economic Crisis Coverage agenda.

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