Corporate Crime Writer Enumerates the Top 10 Enemies List

Posted April, 20 2009 by arianne

AARP, Health Care For American Now!, President Obama, and Families USA are all listed in the top 10 enemies of single-payer health reform in Russell Mokhiber’s provocative article “The Profiteers of Suffering : The Top  10 Enemies of Single-Payer.”

Many organizations, academics and Americans would prefer to see the US adopt a “single payer” system (or “Medicare for All”) for health reform.  Under a singer payer system, all health care providers are reimbursed by government-eliminating the need for private or not-for-profit insurance companies as the intermediaries for care.  Advocates argue that administrative waste would be reduced and guarantee access to care to most people in America.    

Mokhiber argues that too many of the policymakers, stakeholders and lobbyists driving the health reform process in DC have vested interests in opposing what he argues is the most efficient method for delivering care-a single payer system like those adopted in the rest of the “industrialized world.”

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