CSS Calls for Economic Crisis Health Coverage

Posted October, 17 2008 by arianne

In a letter to Gov. David Paterson, CSS’s President, David Jones, urged the State to respond to these economically difficult times by providing vital health coverage for New York’s displaced workers.  Arguing that the current economy is as harsh as what New York faced in 2001, Jones specifically asked the State to radically streamline the entry and retention systems for public health insurance coverage.  Ultimately, providing this valuable relief would help lessen the impact of the recent failure on Wall Street on New York’s working families.

To read of copy of CSS’s letter to the Governor, please click here: CSS’s Letter to the Governor.


sizzix big shot • Mar.25.2010 at 05:20:pm

I normally jump all over the internet because I have the tendancy to read a lot (which isn’t always a great idea because many blogs just copy from each other) but I have to say that yours contains some genuine substance! Thanks for stopping the trend of just being another copycat site! ;-)

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