Even states that are opposed to health reform are passing Exchange legislation!

Posted May, 24 2011 by arianne

CQ Healthbeat News reported yesterday that Indiana and Washington – two states who are currently trying to squash the new health reform law in court – were among three states in line to get money from the federal government for leading the way in setting up health insurance exchanges.

Despite vocally opposing the Affordable Care Act and filing legal challenges against it, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels signed an executive order establishing an Indiana health benefit exchange back in January, and Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire signed her state’s health exchange bill earlier this month.

Indiana is now expected to receive $6.8 million and Washington will get $22.9 million through “exchange establishment grants.”  This means that HHS is satisfied that they’ve made some progress towards planning their exchanges and now qualify for additional funding.  Rhode Island, who is not challenging the new law but whose legislation is still pending, is also set to get $5.2 million under the same type of grant.

Here in New York, where there is strong support the health reform law, we’re still…justwaiting… for our own exchange bill.  Getting a bill passed would put New York in line to also get millions in free federal cash.  No lawsuits needed!