Die-in for Healthcare: NYC

2017 Jul 13 - 6:30pm-8:30pm - Foley Square, New York, NY

Host: Women's March Alliance

Join the Women’s March Alliance in visually demonstrating the significance of affordable healthcare at a Die In, in Foley Square Thursday July 13th!

Our healthcare system needs reform that supports every American but, according to the CBO’s initial assessment, the current proposal for reform could cost some 22 million their access to health insurance. Reform must put human lives before corporate dollars!

What is a Die In? A silent protest where participants lie down to demonstrate that access to healthcare is a matter of life and death. Participants bring a sign shaped like a tombstone with a creative slogan on how the loss of healthcare coverage can lead to the loss of life.

To join the Die In: Come to Foley Square around 6:30 PM on July 13th and bring a tombstone sign. We will also bring a few to hand out!