GoBold Partner Event: Textbank to #PassNYHealth

2021 Feb 16 - 12:00pm-2:00pm - Online

Host: Campaign for New York Health

Join this event hosted by our #GoBoldonHealthcare partners at the Campaign for NY Health:

Have you been wondering, What can I do to help make universal healthcare a reality in New York? How can I help #PassNYHealth? 

Join the Campaign for NY Health statewide Textbank Outreach Team to mobilize NY Health Act supporters in priority legislative districts to call their state representatives in support of the NY Health Act.

We want to generate enough constituent calls to newly-elected Democratic Senators to get them to cosponsor the NY Health Act. We will leverage the power of the statewide grassroots movement into direct constituent pressure in priority state legislative districts in support of universal healthcare.

No experience necessary. During each textbanking session, there will be a training opportunity for new volunteers.

Register here: https://www.nyhcampaign.org/textbank021621

Thank you for doing this critical work! Together we can build the movement needed to win the right to healthcare for all of us.