Exercising our eagle eyes

Posted August, 9 2012 by arianne

If you have been able to take your eyes off of the gripping action of the summer olympics, you may have noticed that the health insurance rate increase applications continue to be posted onto the Department of Financial Services (DFS) website.

HCFANY has been working diligently to comb through the rate increase requests and accompanying documents, and has submitted objections to the DFS on two more products – Excellus (and related products), who has requested increases of up to 18.6%, and MVP, who has requested rate increases of up to 19.9%.  You can read the letters below:

Some of you may have also noticed that the DFS has taken some steps to reorganize its website this year, particularly the section on prior approval.  While it is a little bit more organized, it may be a little bit harder to find what you are looking for.  Here is the link to find the rate applications by company.