Exploring Enroll UX 2014

Posted November, 15 2012 by arianne

Last week the New York State Health Benefit Exchange gave us a glimpse of what the Exchange website and online application will look like. Two webinars (with identical content) were held, exploring the design elements of the Enroll UX 2014 prototype, which was developed through a collaborative effort funded by eight national and state health foundations.  Enroll UX 2014 provides a design prototype and a design reference guide for state health insurance exchange websites. Check out the prototype at www.ux2014.org.

Visit the Health Benefit Exchange Regional Advisory Committees website to view the recorded webinars (scroll down).

The Health Benefit Exchange would like your feedback on the Enroll UX 2014 webinar!  Regardless of whether you attended the webinar, you can complete this survey.  The survey will be available through Monday, November 19th.