Federal insurance exchange regulations due out soon(ish).

Posted July, 6 2011 by arianne

 According to several news sources, the health insurance Exchange regulations that were due to be released tomorrow (July 7th) will likely be postponed, though its not clear by how long.

The regulations were originally scheduled to be released this past spring, but were initally postponed.  It’s not yet entirely known what the regulations will cover, but they are expected to cover, among other things:

  • Exchange governance
  • Role of brokers
  • Navigator program
  • SHOP exchange
  • Certification of Qualified Health Plans
  • The Federally-administered exchange for states that choose not to set up their own

Once they are released, the regulations will be subject to a 60-day comment period where the public and advocates are encouraged to submit comments.   Stay tuned for the release and HCFANY’s take on the regs!