Fight fear with facts!

Posted October, 31 2011 by arianne

Let’s face it.  The idea of health reform can be pretty scary if you don’t understand it.  Especially when ghouls appear on television to spread misinformation and goblins deliberately tell lies to scare the public.  With all of the political mud-slinging surrounding Obamacare (yeah, I said it), it can be pretty easy to lose sight of what’s actually what and start falling prey to the fear of things that go bump in the night.

But fortunately, there are good guys out there who can shine a light into all that muck and pull out good, easy-to-understand and –  more importantly – CORRECT, information.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is one of the good guys.  They’ve put out a series of short, infographic videos designed to break down and explain the core concepts of health reform.  These videos take potentially scary-sounding concepts and make them easy for folks to understand.

There are currently videos on five different topics, which are linked below:

Of course, those folks who are up to the challenge and are willing to brave it on their own can always just go and… read the actual bill. (cue dramatic movie scream here)