Former Insurance Insider Speaks Out on Source of Health Reform Attacks

Posted November, 16 2010 by arianne

Citing voter unrest, many Republican lawmakers have promised to mount a full-scale attack on the new federal health reform law.  We’ve already seen the beginnings of this assault with the lawsuit brought by the Florida Attorney General, and by Texas’ recent proposal to ditch Medicaid altogether.  But, are these acts of opposition really what the seem?

According to Wendell Potter, former executive for CIGNA and Humana who recently interviewed with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, this is all part of a strategy by insurance companies to turn people away from the idea of reform and to support the Republican Party.  The insurance industry favors the type of Republican “free market reforms” which tend to result in big bucks for insurance companies.  As such, the insurance industry is now one of the largest financial contributers to the Republican Party.  Plainly spoken, it is in their favor to have more Republicans in office.

But, the insurance industry actually has a lot at stake in the new health reform law, as it essentially requires millions of new customers to sign up for private insurance.   Because of this, Potter argues that rather than repealing the law,  Republicans will instead ultimately settle for gutting the law of many its lifesaving consumer protections.

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