Get the Facts: New HCFANY Resources Explain the Basics

Posted January, 7 2014 by Amanda


It’s a new day for affordable, quality health insurance in New York. People who don’t have health coverage through their jobs are able to find coverage that is more affordable than ever through New York’s health plan marketplace, the NY State of Health. Medicaid expansion means more people will qualify for free health coverage through Medicaid.

With these changes come a lot of new terms and a whole new system for finding and purchasing health insurance, leaving many of us with questions. What exactly is the NY State of Health, and how can I use it to find health insurance? Who can help me enroll in a plan? What the heck is a “premium tax credit,” anyway, and where can I get one of my very own?

To answer some of these questions, HCFANY produced three new fact sheets:

  1. How can I get quality, affordable health insurance in New York? gives the basics on the NY State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace, including how to enroll, how to get help, and what information you need to apply.
  2. Do I qualify for financial help to pay for health insurance? explains those new, exciting terms – premium tax credit and cost-sharing reduction – and describes who is eligible and how they work.
  3. Changes in Medicaid eligibility in New York State gives quick facts about Medicaid and who is eligible starting in 2014.

Take a look: for yourself, for a friend, for your community. Get informed, and get covered!

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