Got plans for tomorrow? You do now!

Posted May, 18 2011 by arianne

The Rockefeller Institute for Government is holding a forum tomorrow (Thursday the 19th in case you were wondering) on how states are working to expand public coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

The event is  titled “Expanding Public Health Insurance Under the ACA:  What New York Might Learn from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont,” and on the agenda for discussion is the ever-elusive public option (a government health plan that would compete with private insurance plans) and a single-payer option (where everyone would automatically get health insurance that would be paid for through taxes). 

The forum will feature presentations from speakers from Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and feature an all-star lineup of responders that include Senator Kemp Hannon and Assembly Member Richard Gottfried.  For more information, or to RSVP, call (518) 443-5238 or email .

To read the program invite, click here.