Hanging out with the cool kids

Posted December, 13 2011 by arianne

Want to know what’s happening with health reform? Like, where states are with exchange legislation, or what sort of oppositional activity is going on?

Well, just ask the Kidswell Campaign!  They have just blown this blogger’s mind with a set of state snapshots they put together highlighting these questions and others.

They’ve also got a list of exchange establishment grants awarded and applied for to date.

Not sure how long these have been up, but I just wanted to give kudos to Kidswell for a job well done.  These kinds of national overviews are very handy for state advocates who are looking to find out where they stand on the national stage in terms of progress on health reform implementation.

For example, you can see that New York received “early innovator” grant funding to implement the ACA.  And, 14 states now have enacted exchange legislation, with another 4 states and Washington D.C. with bills introduced and pending.  Yet, here is an area where New York is actually lagging.

It’s pretty neat stuff.  Check it out if you have a moment: http://www.kidswellcampaign.org/national-snapshots