HCFANY Speaks Out on Federal Health Reform

Posted July, 2 2009 by arianne

HCANY’s efforts are mainly centered on winning affordable comprehensive health care for New York, but as we move closer to federal reform, HCFANY’s latest one pager highlights specific issues that impact New York families.

Any federal health reform measure should:

  • Guarantee Affordability: for reform to work for working New Yorkers, federal subsidies must approach 500% of the federal poverty line in the context of an individual mandate system.
  • Do No Harm: Any federal insurance law should be a floor, not a ceiling on stronger and more specific on state rules.
  • Include Immigrants: HCFANY urges policymakers to include all immigrants in federal health reform. As a first step towards this goal, federal policymakers should restore federal funds for legal immigrants. Health reform should also provide funding to strengthen safety net institutions which serve all New Yorkers who are ineligible for public coverage. 

Read the full one page brief here.

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