HCFANY Submits 2010-11 Executive Budget Testimony

Posted February, 16 2010 by arianne

Today, HCFANY submitted written testimony on the 2010-2011 Executive Budget.

HCFANY supports the following budget measures:

  • The Governor’s original budget proposal to enhance accountability funding for charity care (withdrawn in the Governor’s 21-day amendments).
  • The restoration of prior approval to the State Department of Insurance of health insurance premium increases.
  • The simplification of public insurance enrollment.

HCFANY opposes:

  • Any increase in co-payments to the Family Health Plus Employer Buy-In program as a stand-alone measure to reduce the program’s premiums;
  • Efforts to continue state funding for limited coverage under Healthy New York at the expense of the State’s more comprehensive individual direct pay market;
  • The elimination of important task forces, such as the Medicaid managed Care Advisory Panel (MCCARP).

Aside from these reservations, HCFANY believes that this Executive Budget lays an important initial foundation towards meeting our goal of affordable, comprehensive health coverage for all New Yorkers.

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