HCFANY's Legislative Agenda Is Realized!

Posted July, 17 2009 by arianne

Last night the Senate passed three insurance reform bills strongly supported by HCFANY:

  • A.8400/S.5471 extends COBRA coverage from 18 to 36 months for workers who were laid off or have a reduction in hours;
  • A.9036/S.6030 which allows young adults (ages 19-29) to obtain a COBRA-like coverage through his or her parent’s insurance, while still preserving New York’s pure community rating system; and
  • A.8402/S.5474 which strengthens and updates consumer and provider protections in managed care look alike products.

These bills have already passed the Assembly, and HCFANY urges the Governor to sign them as quickly as possible.

HCFANY also secured a number of other important health reform victories earlier in this 2009 Legislative Session, including:

  • Legislative approval to expand Family Health Plus to families and adults up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, with federal support;
  • Important public insurance simplifications which will make it easier for New Yorkers to get coverage in these difficult economic times; and
  • More funding and improved transparency in the State’s charity care and graduate medical education pools.

Thanks to all HCFANY members who supported our efforts to ensure the passage of these bills!

Read HCFANY’s press statement here.

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