Health Care is Better In America Today

Posted March, 22 2010 by arianne

*photo courtesy of NY Times

We Did It!

Last night the US House of Representatives made history and passed landmark health reform legislation.

The new legislation will lower the cost of health insurance and make it easier to use. People who already have good insurance will be able to keep it. Most people who don’t have insurance will be able to get it—it is estimated that in New York alone 2 million people will newly gain coverage.

Read more here on  How Health Reform Helps New York.

Thank You!

Thank you to members of the New York delegation that stood up and voted for health reform:


Jill Herendeen • Mar.26.2010 at 11:07:am

The health care “reform” bill is obviously a good thing for private insurance companies, but I think it remains to be seen whether it’s significantly “better” for the country, or the state of NY. I’m not a lawyer, but being forced to buy private health insurance, without having any direct say into its quality, sounds like a breach of contract law to me. Considering the FACT that most of the industrialized world already gets UNIVERSAL health care for half of what we’re now spending (whether or not we are individually getting any of that care), it’s ludicrous, insane, and criminal that we here in the USA somehow cannot have the same general benefits, or that it’s “too complicated” to figure out how to get the same general benefits. Just pick a country, any country, and ask them how they do it. Our current “reform” is just a very slight variation on “Pay or Die” which, as is obvious to anyone who isn’t working directly or indirectly for the private health insurance industry, really MUST GO.

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