Health reform through the lens of the LGBT community

Posted March, 29 2011 by arianne

This is pretty cool – the Center for American Progress today put out a joint report with the National Coalition for LGBT Health that explores how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will impact the LGBT community.  The report touches on the health disparities experienced by gay and transgender Americans and the barriers to health care within this community in particular, and how specific provisions of the ACA will address these needs. 

For example, the ACA will increase eligibility levels for Medicaid and bring down the cost of health insurance on the private market, making it possible for many gay and transgendered Americans to newly be able to afford coverage.  They will also no longer have to worry about being denied coverage for pre-exisiting conditions (in 2014).  The ACA will also expand cultural competency efforts to include LGBT issues, and improve data collection that will help to identify and address disparities in health care.

Further, the report also outlines how advocates can work in each state to ensure that the ACA is implemented in the best possible way for the LGBT community, and provides recommendations for state and federal officials.