Heathcare Reform Will Save Small Businesses

Posted June, 11 2009 by arianne

A new report released today by the Small Business Majority The Economic Impact of Healthcare Reform on Small Business finds that small businesses will be far better off under a thoughtfully reformed health care system based on shared responsibility among individuals, businesses, government and the health care industry. 

The reports analysis, conducted by MIT economist John Gruber, concluded that shared responsibility along with appropriate assistance to small businesses will save  small businesses hundreds of billions of dollars in costs and protect small  business wages and jobs.

 Read the NY Times article on the report here.


JR MATTINGLY • Oct.20.2010 at 10:49:pm

Is this an ad for Obamacare before we even know all of what’s in it. Half the people who passed still haven’t read it. I guess that is not important now. They won’t be around long anyway. 11-2-10

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