Help Count the New York Votes for Health Care Reform

Posted March, 11 2010 by arianne

The Washington newspaper The Hill is counting the votes for health care reform. They have been updating a list of expected votes by House Democrats.  Here are the New York Representatives from their list, with The Hill’s commentary on each:

Firm No, Leaning No, Likely No

Michael Arcuri (Y) Some reports have him as firm no, but Rules Committee member hasn’t closed the door yet

Mike McMahon Told the Staten Island Advance he’s a no


Tim Bishop (Y) Must-have vote for leadership

John Hall (Y) Democratic leaders may lose other Dems from N.Y., but need to keep Hall on board

Dan Maffei (Y) Former Ways and Means aide is seen as gettable

Scott Murphy Reelection race looks good, for now

Bill Owens (Y) One of first votes in Congress was “yes” on House health bill; media reports have him as undecided

Paul Tonko (Y) Waiting for CBO numbers

(Y) — Voted yes in November

Read the full article here.

We can help move these key votes to support health care reform. Give the Representatives listed here a call and urge them to vote for health care reform.

Call now! Here’s the number for the House Switchboard:  (202) 224-3121.

And share what you hear from them.  We can be counting votes, too.

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