Insurance for kids, moms, families…even Bros.

Posted October, 25 2013 by Amanda

For the past few weeks, states have been hard at work enrolling Americans in the new health care marketplaces. As evidenced by the hundreds of thousands who are going online or calling their local navigators to sign up, it’s clear that affordable, quality health insurance sells itself. But, it’s still fun to take a look at how various states are actively marketing their marketplaces, in their own unique ways.


This ad from Colorado’s Got Insurance campaign came across my desk this morning…and made me laugh. I’m not sure keg stands are the best idea, but at least when these bros play hard, they know they can find affordable care.

Minnesotans can learn about their state’s marketplace, MNSure, through the comical experiences of state icons, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. One of my favorite ads from their “Land of 10,000 reasons to get health insurance” campaign features Mr. Bunyan being attacked by woodpeckers – a good, if slightly unconventional reason to make sure you’re covered.


I have a special place in my heart for Oregon’s campaign, “Long Live Oregonians,” having lived in Portland for a number of years. Some have called these ads “twee” and compared them to the now infamous show, Portlandia, but the recruitment of local artists and musicians to write songs and illustrate the ads is right in line with Oregon’s DIY spirit – it’s one of the things that makes the state great. Laura Gibson, a talented singer-songwriter from the Portland area, joins another local favorite, The Cello Project, in her rendition of “Long Live, Oregon” for this video ad:

I find this ad nearly as adorable as the Adorable Care Act internet meme we posted about a few weeks ago.

And, last but not least, this ad from our own New York State of Health always succeeds in getting me a little choked up. We are New Yorkers – and we all deserve health insurance!

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