It’s funny because it’s true.

Posted July, 13 2012 by arianne

With Wednesday’s repeat vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act (yawn) despite its growing public popularity and so closely following the Supreme Court’s decision to largely uphold the law, it is becoming abundantly clear that the real issue here is not constitutionality of the law or any moral objections to its lifesaving provisions.  Rather, it is simply a moral objection to the party and president behind the law.

Putting politics over people is nothing new.  But progressing beyond the point where it becomes blatantly obvious is a big political risk.  Did I mention that all 8 Republican Members of Congress from New York voted on Wednesday in favor of repealing the ACA?  The presidential election is now looming just a few months away, so only time will tell how the public will react to this proverbial beating of a dead horse

In the meantime, why not let our fearless leaders know what we think about them risking our own health and well-being for the sake of saving face in front of party leaders.  HCFANY members Citizen Action of NY have put together a nifty petition to make this easy to do.   Take a minute right now to sign the petition to New York’s Republican Congressional Delegation, telling them to stop playing games with people’s lives.

Click here to sign the petition now!