Making light of the Obamacare messaging battle

Posted October, 2 2013 by arianne

Oh…this made me laugh!

It’s always exciting to see our work covered in mainstream media, even if it is to poke fun at it.  And, after years of working ardently to counter the large-scale misinformation campaign that anti-Obamacare groups have put billions into, it does feel good to be able to take a step back every now and then and chuckle at the political circus that we operate in.

With yesterday’s opening of the new health insurance marketplaces, the Affordable Care Act has once again been thrust into the headlines.  This means that everybody is covering it, from legitimate news stations to late night television and Comedy Central.

Last night’s episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured a priceless segment (featured above) on both the messaging wars between pro- and anti-health reform groups, as well as how the marketplaces are being marketed. Jimmy Kimmel,  also had a segment on how many people simply buy into the rhetoric yet remain clueless as to what they are supporting or protesting.

Lastly, the Borowitz Report had a spoof article about millions of Tea Party members fleeing the country to escape the tyranny of affordable, quality, health insurance, only to realize that there weren’t many countries left to flee to that didn’t already have it.

Anyways, if you haven’t already seen these – enjoy!



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