More Americans risking health to balance the family budget

Posted September, 30 2011 by arianne

As reported in Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this week, a recent Consumer Reports survey found that more folks aren’t filling their prescriptions, are taking less medicine than prescribed, or skipping doctor recommended tests in order to save money. 

Almost half of those surveyed reported having to do at least one of these, up from 39% in last year’s survey.

This comes alongside news that employer sponsored insurance premiums rose sharply in the past year, as reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation earlier this week.  Insurance premiums on the individual and small-group markets have long experienced steep inclines.

The current health care crisis is nothing new.  In fact, it has already been addressed by federal lawmakers.  The Affordable Care Act was put in place specifically to help Americans just like those surveyed by Consumer Reports.  It is also supposed to help folks who can’t even get the medical care they need at all because they don’t have insurance.  It’s even supposed to help the rest of us who are still keeping up with our health costs – but just barely.

The problem is, the Affordable Care Act won’t do anyone a stitch of good if it’s not implemented.  It is up to state lawmakers now to take the plan of action and the money handed down to them for that purpose and build something to alleviate the financial strain that is, quite literally, killing their constituents.

In New York, the media is reporting that the State Senate is now taking a “wait and see” approach to health reform implementation.

But, “wait and see” what? 

Wait and see how long New York’s families can keep gambling with their health?  Wait and see how many working folks can be driven into medical debt? Or, perhaps they are waiting to see how many New Yorkers will die off from a lack of needed medical care?

For too many of us, time is running out.  We can’t wait for affordable health care any longer – not when our very lives are at stake.

If this is something you feel strongly about, don’t just “wait and see” what happens.  Take action.  Contact your state senator – via phone, email, heck – you can even Facebook them – and tell them that you need them to pass the state  health insurance Exchange bill, and implement the Affordable Care Act.

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