New Census Data for NY Finds Improvement in Child Coverage, Increase in Overall Number of Uninsured

Posted September, 11 2009 by arianne

 The U.S Census Bureau announced yesterday that there are now 46.3 million Americans living without health insurance. This includes 2.7 million uninsured individuals in New York.

HCFANY was disheartened to see the number of uninsured adults (age 19-64) take a one year leap from 17.2% to 19%. While the number of uninsured adults increased, there was improvement in the rate of health insurance coverage for children. The number of uninsured children in New York decreased from 9.2% in 2008 to 7.3% this year.

The new census data underscores HCFANY’s commitment to advancing health reform in New York and nationwide—together we can work toward a solution that will provide affordable comprehensive coverage to all Americans.

Read the HCFANY press statement here.

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