Numbers talk: Where does YOUR health insurer rank?

Posted October, 13 2011 by arianne

The fine folks at the NYS Department of Financial Services (DOFS) have issued their annual consumer guide to health insurers. The guide features information on all of the major health insurers in the state and ranks them each based on things like quality of care and consumer complaints.

Again, this guide only includes info on health insurers with more than $25 million in premiums, or 5,000 enrollees, so its possible you won’t see your plan on there.  But, it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.

The guide also includes a handy selection of phone numbers on who to call if you’re having problems with an insurer, or have questions about public insurance programs.  Notably missing from this list is the contact info for New York’s Statewide Consumer Assistance Program, Community Health Advocates (CHA), which can offer free help on a number of these topics.  But, I suspect it’s because they operate independently from the State Department of Health and the State Department of Insurance.

To look at this year’s New York Consumer Guide To Health Insurers, visit the DOFS website, or click here