NY Health Foundation Releases Columbia U Report Comparing State Health Reform Proposals

Posted January, 16 2009 by arianne

A report released today by the New York State Health Foundation is the first to compare proposals on the basis of: the number of people who would gain coverage; drop private coverage in favor of public options; and how each plan would increase statewide health care spending–including the cost to State government to finance expansions. Read the press release

Competing proposals to reduce the number of uninsured New Yorkers differ vastly in both their potential impact on the problem and costs, which was conducted by Columbia University. The plans reviewed include:
• Single payer proposal;
• Two “building block proposals” that build off a United Hospital Fund/Commonwealth Fund Blueprint for Coverage proposal;
• CSS’s Cornerstone for Coverage Proposal (the third building block proposal);
• Manhattan Institute’s proposals to deregulate the insurance industry.

Read the report

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