NY State of Health Customer Service Center is now open!

Posted September, 16 2013 by arianne

The phone lines are open!

Anybody who signed up for email reminders from the NY State of Health insurance marketplace already knows that as of today the customer service center is officially open!  A notice was sent out this morning letting folks now about it and encouraging people and small businesses to call for information.  Here is the official NY State of Health customer service hotline:


The call center will be open daily from 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday and will have trained representatives available to answer questions for anyone wishing to call.  This is great timing as the marketplace is set to begin enrollments on October 1st and a lot of folks who are learning about it now have questions.  Once the marketplace opens in October, call center hours will be expanded to accommodate people who need to phone in on the weekend.

This is a really exciting development and will be really useful for folks who have questions now or need help preparing for enrollment on October 1st.