NYS Budget- Some Good News on the Coverage

Posted December, 15 2008 by arianne

The Paterson administration will be releasing its 2009/2010 Executive State Budget tomorrow. There has been a great deal of coverage about expected cuts in Medicaid and education spending, but there is some good news on the coverage front.

Positive indicators for health reform include:

+ Economic Crisis Coverage moves.  The budget proposal seeks to eliminate: face-to-face interview, finger-printing and assets test rules for public insurance application. 
+ The expansion of Family Health Plus (FHP) to 19-20 year olds who do not live with their parents.
+ A request to the federal government to expand FHP to 200% of poverty.
+ The ability for public employees to enroll in FHP.
+ Increases in indigent care funding for certain hospitals and clinics that serve uninsured patients.
+ An increase to welfare grants, the first in 18 years.

For more see this NY Times article.


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