Our Work

HCFANY conducts policy research, monitors health transformation activity, and conducts legislative and budget advocacy. Our members commit to promoting Ten Standards in health policy:

  1. Everyone must have health coverage and access to health care.
  2. Coverage must be affordable to the family budget.
  3. Coverage must include comprehensive benefits to meet peoples’ needs.
  4. Government must be an active watchdog and regulator of the health care system.
  5. Coverage must promote equity in health care utilization and outcomes.
  6. Insurance must be portable and enrolling into existing and new public health insurance programs must be administratively simple.
  7. Everyone must have a choice of a public health plan.
  8. Health care reform must include effective cost controls that promote equality.
  9. All employers must contribute fairly to the cost of health care, and employers’ health costs must be predictable and in reasonable proportion to their total labor costs.
  10. The safety-net health care delivery system must be preserved and enhanced.