Rallying the troops for open enrollment

Posted August, 6 2013 by arianne

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_HkZvZ4uE8&feature=share&list=PLbq-QGkCuo_dOVf8AlUwVRe71EnmL4L83&w=400&h=300 A few weeks ago, New York held its first statewide enrollment summit for the New York State Health Benefit Exchange.  The purpose of this invitation-only event was twofold: to update stakeholders on the State’s progress and plans, and to gather feedback on how to maximize outreach and enrollment. Along with Exchange officials, we also heard from DDB and Ketchum, the two firms hired for the state’s media outreach campaign, Enroll America, and from an enrollment panel of brokers, facilitated enrollers, and advocates.  And, thanks to 1199 SEIU’s Health Care Education Project, we have video available of these parts of the enrollment summit.  This footage is broken into three parts, the first of which is above.  Click here for part 2 and part 3. The afternoon section focused on a break out session where the summit attendees were asked for their feedback on a number of questions primarily around existing exchange materials and a series of upcoming regional enrollment summits that will be held around the state.  Given the nature of these breakouts in different rooms, there is no video available.  However, I can report back that this was a highly interactive process and that each breakout group had members of the exchange staff there to take notes and ask questions.  Some highlights from my group included the need for input from non-English speaking people (not just bilingual), and appropriate materials in other languages.   Feedback collected at this event will go into producing the regional variations which are expected to happen in September. More on those later. We’ll keep you posted!