HCFANY Letter to DFS on Independent Health Proposed Rate Increases

Posted August 10, 2012 by arianne

HCFANY’s objection to the proposed rate increases of up to 17% posted for 2013 for the following insurance products:

– Independent Health Association (Ind – Encompass I2; Ind – Encompass Plus I2; Ind – Basic Plan, Silver Conversion, Gold Conversion; HNY; SG – Encompass A, B, C, D; SG – FlexFit Select; SG – Encompass Essential; LG – Encompass A, B, C, D, NYSHIP, FEHB; LG – FlexFit, FlexFit(New); LG – FlexFit Select, FlexFit Select(New); LG – Encompass Essential); and

– Independent Health Benefits Corporation (SG Easy Access (EPO), Passport Plan Select (PPO), Encompass, FlexFit Select, Passport Select (POS), SG – iDirect, 1Series, 2Series, 3Series, 4Series, 5Series, Evolve (HDHP), iDirect 1 Series, 2 Series, Evolve (Non HAS HDHP))

(together “Independent Health”) currently pending before the New York State Department of Financial Services.