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Posted April, 25 2013 by arianne

ACA Equity Chat

Tomorrow (Friday, 4/26), Community Catalyst, Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) and HCFANY member Raising Women’s Voices will be hosting a tweet chat to celebrate Minority Health Month. The subject of the chat will be how the ACA is addressing health disparities. You can expect to hear about topics like language access, consumer engagement,  essential health benefits and the Navigator program, and how these things will affect health disparities.

Health disparities are seen among many different populations, such as communities of color, women, members of the LGBT community, people with disabilities and people who speak another language. Thankfully, ACA gives us a number of opportunities to help address these issues.

To join the Tweet Chat, log onto your Twitter account, or simply search the hashtag #ACAEquity. You can follow and join the conversation with some of these sample tweets below. Interested in how the ACA specifically helps women, women of color and members of the LGBT community? Follow Raising Women’s Voices – New York at

Here are some sample tweets you can post!

  •  The #ACA improves the quality of coverage available to everyone by mandating specific services like maternity care! #ACAEquity.
  • Does ur family speak a language other than English? Navigators will help u find health care plans w/docs who speak ur language. #ACAEquity
  • If we want the health care law to work for women of color, we need to stay informed. Follow us for up-to-date info! #ACAEquity
  • Latinas have the highest incidence of cervical cancer among women of all racial groups. Thanks to #ACA, pap smears are covered w/o copays. #ACAEquity

See you tomorrow at 1 pm! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ACAEquity!  Questions are encouraged!