So, what exactly are we working with here?

Posted April, 3 2012 by arianne

As we wait with bated breath for any news of Governor Cuomo’s impending Executive Order to establish a NY health insurance Exchange, I thought it might be a good idea to give a quick overview of what sort of timeline New York is working with here.  And, what better way to do so than with a board game?

The American Cancer Society recently came out with an “Exchangeopoly” board game to illustrate the many processes that need to take place before the Exchange can become operational.  This includes not only making key policy decisions, but also lots of fun things like: issuing RFP’s, developing software platforms, hiring and training new staff, and developing marketing campaigns.  Best of all, it all takes place on an expedited schedule!

It really brings into perspective how much goes into building an Exchange.  And, not just any Exchange – a good, consumer-friendly one.  It also really makes one rue the day that last year’s legislative session ended with no vote on the Exchange bill from our State senate.  Another year to work on this would have definitely made things easier.  Of course, New York State is definitely not one to back down to a challenge.  We can get our Exchange going by 2014, we’re just going to have to work a bit harder to do so.

Of course, we’re still waiting on that Executive Order…we’ll keep you posted once we have more details on that.  In the meantime, enjoy Exchangeopoly!