So…why should I think that health reform is bad?

Posted March, 1 2012 by arianne

A few weeks ago I noted that the healthcare stories that make it into the media are always in favor of health reform.  But, it turns out I was wrong!

Perhaps someone at the conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation read my post, because they have now recently come out with their own series of anti-“Obamacare” consumer stories intended on proving the negative impact that health reform will have on folks.  I just took a gander at them and, when you take out the screenshots of numbers and statements that Heritage inserted in each of the videos, you basically have the following:

  • An IHOP franchise owner who worries that Obamacare will make IHOP go out of business if it has to offer insurance to all of its employees.
  • A senior with Medicare who has had no problem getting the care she needs with Medicare and seems very happy.  Her neurologist however, worries if he will be able to afford to keep seeing Medicare patients.
  • A small-business owner who worries that Obamacare is sending a message to his kids that they aren’t competent enough to take care of themselves.
  • A urologist who talks at length about how terrible Medicaid is and how low Medicare reimbursement rates are, but does not actually comment on Obamacare.
  • Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) talking about how Obamacare doesn’t go far enough to reform the current system, and touting his own “Healthy Indiana Program” where he claims that giving poor people Health Savings Accounts instead of enrolling them in managed care plans makes them learn personal wellness and responsiblity and made them smarter, better consumers overall.

Okay, so previously I had said that there are no stories from the other side because there are no compelling stories against health reform.  I see now that yes, there are indeed stories.  But I wholeheartedly stand by my statement that these are not compelling!!

The two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act is quickly approaching and plenty of reforms have already happened.  Everyday the media is filled with stories around the state and around the country of people who have been helped.  Millions more stand to gain once we have health insurance Exchanges. So, it’s really not that surprising that these were the only things they were able to come up with.

You can click here to watch the videos yourself.