Staying healthy just got a lot more ADORABLE

Posted September, 27 2013 by arianne

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Okay, it’s Friday and next week is a BIG week for us with the opening of the NYS of Health insurance marketplace, so I figured why not keep things on the light side today?  Or rather, on the adorable side.

The anti-Obamacare folks may have creepy videos of Uncle Sam holding a speculum to try and scare young people from signing up for coverage, but let’s face it – nobody wants to see that.  The last thing people need is to think they should be forgoing necessary health exams.  (Personally, I’d take quality, affordable health insurance over ovarian cancer any day, but maybe that’s just me.)

Thankfully, the pro-Obamacare folks have something better on their side: tiny, adorable baby animals. I’m talking about the Adorable Care Act, a new internet meme that has been making waves this week.  Its cute. Oh lordy, is it ever CUTE.  And better yet – its effective.  What better way to get someone to read something than by slapping a picture of a baby sloth or a miniature pony on it?

You can check it out the Adorable Care Act via its Tumblr page here or by following its twitter feed here .  I promise – you won’t be disappointed!


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