The ACA is Working: Epifanio’s Story

Epifanio C., Queens, NY

Posted April, 24 2015 by Amanda

Ana & Epifanio- 12.22.14Enrolled in: Medicaid
Final premium: $0
Before the ACA, it would have taken Epifanio a long time to get approved for Medicaid.
Now, Epifanio is approved in minutes online.

Epifanio, originally from the Dominican Republic, and his wife live in Queens. Epifanio works several jobs, but recently lost one of them, making it more difficult to afford basic things like rent, utilities, and health services. Epifanio really needed to see a doctor, but was uninsured. When he heard that Make the Road New York offers free in-person enrollment services, he made an appointment. The Navigator there found out that his wife had already created an account on the NYSOH website, so all the Navigator had to do was add Epifanio to that account. He was immediately approved for Medicaid. Epifanio was surprised by how quick and easy the process was, and is so happy that he can now see a doctor whenever he needs to.

Special thanks to Make the Road New York for contributing this story!

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